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Guatemala – a trip to the antique lands of the Maya people

In search of interesting and original itineraries for travel, certainly worth considering a trip to Guatemala. This state of Central America, stuck between large Mexico and a small country of Belize, with access to the Pacific and the Caribbean, to date is just gaining momentum as a considered tourist destination. It is sad to note, until recently, Guatemala was not very popular for tourism due to the instability of the political situation and more than forty years of civil war and dictatorship.

To date, the country is slowly but surely moving towards the establishment of a democratic order and a trip to Guatemala is among the absolutely recommended, as there are many things that can be done and seen. Here you can find desert landscapes unfolding amidst breathtaking mountain ranges and the Pacific coast. Here you can feel like a fearless explorer whenever you visit the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Antigua Guatemala was the ancient capital of the country, even before Guatemala City became the new main place of the state. Being in the zone of seismic activity, the city suffered several times from destructive earthquakes, and to date little is left of the Spanish colonial city. It is for this reason that the city is visited only as an archaeological site. But among its ruins you can still see the surviving buildings that have preserved all the grandeur of Baroque architecture. The ideal place to dive into the Mayan culture is the Casa K’ojom Museum, as well as the local cemetery.
Meanwhile, in the actual capital of Guatemala City there are also many interesting places to visit, including the central park, where life is boiling in all its manifestations. On Sundays, there is a market where you can buy local sweets, also the work of local artists. Also interesting is the historical center, where old colonial buildings stand out. In the Museum of Ethnology and Archeology, you can see many Mayan artifacts.

Discover an amazing and unfamiliar world when traveling to Guatemala!

Another famous city of Guatemala is Chichicastenango, which is disposed at an altitude of more than 2000 meters and is an ideal place to visit. Here you can stroll around the shops to buy typical Guatemalan souvenirs.
Nothing can fully create a clear picture of the splendor of the place called by Maya people with the word of Atitlán, which means “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”. And in fact, the waters of the lake, which is of volcanic origin, take incredible colors. This lake, which arose as a result of the collapse of the volcanic cone, and subsequently filled with water, is the deepest one in Central America. This is an ideal tourist destination for hiking and, especially, for nature lovers. An incomparably beautiful landscape is also formed thanks to the three volcanoes that surround the lake.

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