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Moldova – a country of spectacular rock monasteries and beautiful nature

Moldova, located in Eastern Europe and bordered by Romania and Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, from this point opened the way to for development of tourism, in order to give the international community an opportunity to get pleasure from visiting the beautiful places of the country and get acquainted with its culture and history.
In Moldova, you can see very interesting sights, learn the subtleties of the local folklore, or to make a naturalistic or gastronomic tours. The country is characterized by the presence of bucolic landscapes, rich in cave monasteries and spectacular monuments and characteristic feature is also the production of wines.

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Chisinau is a very green city, where the flat terrain gradually changed by the hills.
Walking along the main avenue of the city, you can see and visit the majestic presidential palace. Not far from here is a beautiful square, where the military parades were held in the days of the Soviet Union.
Also disposed near is the beautiful Orthodox cathedral, and it is adjacent to an outdoor flower market, iridescent by different shades of gorgeous flower bouquets.

In the evening time, tired after walking, you can relax in the cozy taverns and try the traditional local cuisine, which is partially formed under the influence of the period of Ottoman rule.
For tourists often organizes interesting excursions in the most famous wineries of Moldova, where you can enjoy the best dishes, accompanied by delicious wines. Among the famous wineries of the country it should be noted the largest wine cellar in the world Milestii Mici located in underground tunnels for about 250 km.

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In addition to the capital, there are other major cities, including city of Tiraspol that has a great historical importance, the center of which is the world’s largest open-air museum.
Particularly impressive rock monasteries can be visited on the hills flanking the river Raut. On the slopes of the picturesque hills covered with oak forest, it is an Orthodox monastery Curci, a magnificent landscape of which is characterized by a sparkling lake and landscaped gardens.

Meanwhile, another place that definitely deserves attention is the Old Orhei, which is an archeological complex, located in the open air, near which you can enjoy views of the beautiful waterfalls. Thus, Moldova, without a doubt is the country that once in your life is worth a visit to see the perfect combination of natural beauty and versatility of the local population.

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