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Netherlands – a country of preserved traditions and bustling modern life

Among the popular destinations of the world tourism can be especially noted the Netherlands, attracting people from all over the world, both for its monuments of history and culture, and diversity of pleasures that offers its capital Amsterdam. The country is well equipped with international airports and, therefore, can easily reach the major cities, even to continue the journey in complete comfort is better to rent a car from Naniko at a low price, and to move freely in any direction.

Many people prefer to start their tour in the Netherlands with capital Amsterdam, which is a pulsating artery of the nation. Here, the Dam Square is a meeting place for all young people visiting Amsterdam, where you can admire the gothic architecture of the New Church, related to the 14th century.
You cannot miss the chance to visit a museum dedicated to the legendary artist Van Gogh, which displays works of the great master. Strong impressions gives the visit of National Monument, established in honor of the fallen during the Second World War, where is annually held a memorial ceremony, with the participation of important public institutions, along with the royal family.

Charming building of the Royal Palace certainly deserves special attention and was built in the 17th century.
Amsterdam is also rich in entertainment and shopping centers, where you can spend great time on the Dam Square, or in the classic Dutch pubs. Meanwhile, the best-known shopping centers can be found on the Kalverstraat, Leidsestraat and Westerkerk.

Spend your best holiday and taste a thousand pleasures when traveling to the Netherlands!

Another interesting city in the country is Rotterdam, featuring different architectural buildings of cubic forms. Following from the capital to Rotterdam, you can see a beautiful city located in South Holland, where fascinating cubic houses create a special atmosphere. Rotterdam is also interesting for its old town center, where you can see well-preserved windmills, which are open to the  public. Slowly and smoothly moving blades of the windmills, instill a sense of calm and create a truly breathtaking spectacle.
The Hague, known as the city of the world, also has on display many interesting for visitor. Palace of Peace, built in the neo-Renaissance style, is a true symbol of the city. The facades of buildings are made of red bricks and the bases are made using the famous Belgian gray stone. Great contrast created by the two materials is further enhanced and emphasized by the surrounding greenery of parks.
The city is also famous for its numerous parks, which are a true refuge from the bustle of the city.

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