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Paraguay – an adventurous and fun trip to little-known places

When choosing destinations for travel in South America, most stop at the more famous from the point of view of tourism three or four countries, in particular, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. But it should be noted that Paraguay deserves no less attention as a tourist route, offering a lot of interesting, beautiful places for study, culture and gastronomy, which will not disappoint anyone.
This small country, located between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, without access to the sea, has a fairly flat territory, the highest point of which reach only 700 meters. Crossed by the river, Paraguay is divided into two parts. The eastern side is rich in prairies, hills, lush tropical forests and vast meadows, and here about 95% of the population is concentrated, while the western zone is mostly occupied by swamps and floodplains. It is due to the harsh conditions in the country, the population density is amongst the lowest ones in South America.

The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion, with a populace of about 500 thousand people, although taking into account the entire urban agglomeration, it reaches 1.6 million people. In the capital you can visit attractions such as the Godoy Museum, the Church of the Incarnation and the National Pantheon.
The entire country covered by two national parks, one of which is called Defensores de Chaco, where you can observe different kinds of animals, including cougars, tapirs, crocodiles, toucans and parrots. Another national park Ybicuy is an ideal place for tourists wishing to hike in places where you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and magnificent flora.

Explore the non-standard tourist destinations of South America when traveling to Paraguay!

In Paraguay, there is a lot of positive, although it should be noted that there are certain difficulties that can be encountered. For example, country has not very effective road network and often there are unpaved roads.
For those who like shopping, it will be a pleasant surprise that in Paraguay you can buy many things at a very low price. To do this, in advance it is necessary to take care of the availability of the local currency Guarani, which can be purchased at exchange offices. The variety of goods in these stores is really impressive! In shopping malls you are sure to be surrounded by people offering their help, but for the sake of security it is better to refuse such help.
A pleasant fact is that you can always bargain with sellers, moreover, you should do this, because initially traders significantly inflate the price. As a result, you can get a substantial discount and pay 30-40% less than the starting price.
One of the interesting things that will enrich your trip with an adventurous and fun experience will be the opportunity to rent a boat and sail down the Parana or Paraguay river.

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