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Slovenia – mysterious country of wonderful landscapes

This independent Central European country, which borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, is a rich land of natural beauty and centuries-old history that can offer many interesting to travelers. The territory of Slovenia is endowed with a wide variety of landscapes, which are divided into main areas: Karst plateau, the Alpine area and the foothills and plains areas.
This short review of the country will allow to understand what you can visit in Slovenia, having a few days and a convenient means of travel, and in particular a car rented by Naniko, which will significantly save your budget.

Of course, the most important point of the route will be the country’s capital Ljubljana, with its picturesque streets, with cafes and restaurants, beautifully located along the banks of the river. This magical city is really worth a visit at any time of the year. Having reached a beautiful castle in the medieval style, there can admire spectacular views of the city, then you can visit the city’s only cathedral of St. Nicholas, which has a beautiful green dome and then cross the bridge of dragon, designed in Art Nouveau style.
Then, going to the Alpine area, you can visit Bled, where you expected by a tranquil lake scenery in the center of which is an island that is perfect for a romantic picnic.

Enjoy the pristine landscapes and stunning resorts, traveling in Slovenia!

Valley of Vrata is located in the heart of the Alpine zone and extends to the foot of Mount Triglav, which in its turn is the highest peak in Slovenia. Another completely unique landscape can be seen on the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, Bohinj.
Piran with its medieval charm, is a city, sprawling on the Adriatic coast, rich in small picturesque streets and palaces in Venetian style. Among its main attractions can be mentioned the church of St. George.

Meanwhile, in Postojna, you can see the unique castle built on a steep wall of 123 meters in height. Predjama Castle was built about 700 years ago and like most medieval castles, has its legends of ghosts and hidden treasures, and here is the story of the brave rider in the style of Robin Hood, who lived here and took from the rich to give to the poor .

In Slovenia, there are fourteen famous resorts, which are a national treasure. Among many others, the spa Olimia Orhidelia marked as the best resort in Slovenia.
Thanks to the mountain landscapes there are also a lot of cutting-edge ski resorts, which offer breathtaking scenery, such as Kranjska Gora.
You can also take a walk on the bike for the discovering a variety of routes, for example, vineyards in the Brda region, which is known for its excellent white wines.

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