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Switzerland – a country of alpine landscapes and of the famous Appenzeller cheese

As a European country in geographical terms, Switzerland is not part of the European Union and adheres to a policy of neutrality. This developed country combines high technology, the highest level of infrastructures, modern urban areas and idyllic mountain sceneries, alpine meadows with herds of cows, and where you can still see the lovely houses with cuckoos. Here we can still vividly imagine as funny Heidi runs down from the mountain slopes, and admire the scenery of the commemorative postcards. Indeed, this is a country where you can see a lot, but let’s have a glance at a few of the most attractive places in Switzerland.

The village of Appenzell is disposed within the canton of the same name, and is a place where you can deeply feel the historical and social roots of Switzerland. Although this place is not differs with large scale, worthy of your attention for different reasons. Surrounded by hills with breathtaking views that are similar to the fabulous scenery, this village offers the opportunity to evaluate a lot of interesting things: music and folk dances, the facades of houses decorated with taste, the abundance of natural products and you will even be able to know the deep rural tradition. Appenzeller cheese, widely recognized worldwide as the best hard cheese from cow’s milk in the world, is produced exactly in this Swiss village.

Visit in full freedom the interesting places, from large cities to small alpine villages, in your trip to Switzerland!

In addition to exciting mountain areas, many urban areas also deserve the attention of tourists visit. Bern was founded in 1191, and because of its historical heritage is registered among the list of mandatory items to visit. Here you can visit fine restaurants, old cellars, boutiques, and you feel that time here flows in special slower pace, where people not in a hurry, as in other major cities. Bern, located on a rocky promontory and surrounded by the river Aare, offers 6 kilometers of arcades for walking, where you can enjoy views of the magnificent Cathedral, Renaissance fountains, Clock Tower and lots of interesting things.

Highland Lake Oeschinen feeds form icy waters of the mountain streams, offering a delightful environment to enjoy the serene moments of relaxation. Here you can hiking, boating, and in the winter fun ride on a sled. The surroundings of the lake is also known for its flora, rich in orchids and edelweiss and grazing around sheep and cattle, complete the idyllic scenery.

Lucerne, crossed the river Reuss, is the quintessence among Swiss cities. In the old center you can stroll through its cobbled streets with shops and four squares and admire the medieval buildings and fountains.

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