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Ukraine – country of great cultural heritage and magnificent nature

Placed in Eastern Europe on the territory of 603,628 km², Ukraine is the second largest state on the European continent. The huge cultural heritage and its magnificent natural attractions contribute to the constant growth of tourism. The lands of Ukraine mainly consists of fertile plains crossed by various rivers. Here the climate is characterized by cold winters, at which temperatures can reach -20 ° C and by more moderate in regions that are under the influence of the Black Sea.

During the travel in Ukraine, the main attractions can be discovered in major cities, such as its capital Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and others.

Odessa is a very popular destination due to its monuments and magnificent Black Sea beaches. Here you can also visit the archaeological, historical, ethnographic museums and art galleries. It will be interesting to visit the catacombs, which are tunnels stretching for 100 km and used by partisans and revolutionaries.

The most significant natural monument is the National Carpathian Park, where during the excursion you can see such animals as the bison, lynx, brown bears, and also enjoy unique species.

Learn fascinating details and historical facts, enjoying a trip to Ukraine!

Certainly, any tourist will want to visit the capital of the country, Kiev, which is able to surprise with the magnificence of its monuments, among which in the first place can be noted the Cathedral of St. Sophia and a number of monastic buildings, also the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, included in the World Heritage List from 1990. The Cathedral of St. Sophia was designed in honor of the famous cathedral of the same name in Constantinople. The spiritual and intellectual influence of the entire religious complex of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was great and contributed to the spread of Orthodox thought and faith. Inside the cathedral you can admire the original mosaics and priceless frescoes.

The complex is a series of monastery buildings that surround the church. Originally they were built of wood and in 1633 were destroyed by fire, and in 1697 they were built of stone in baroque style.

Among the extraordinarily beautiful cities of Ukraine, it is absolutely necessary to note the city of Lviv, which is also protected by the World Heritage. The city was founded in the Middle Ages and became a prosperous administrative, religious and commercial center for centuries.

Its medieval relief is preserved almost intact and one can see obvious signs of the presence of various ethnic communities here. Architectural compositions are represented by many beautiful baroque buildings.

A special charm has the Church of the Assumption, which represents an exceptional architectural complex.