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Japan – a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

Placed in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is an archipelago of about seven thousand islands, among which are the four largest: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. All four islands are connected by submarine bridges and tunnels. Many of the isles of Japan are covered with mountains, and some of them are volcanic. The highest peak in Japan is Mount Fuji, which is an active volcano.

With a total populace of about 127 million people, Japan is the 10th most populous country in the world. The metropolis of the country, Greater Tokyo, covering Tokyo and several neighboring prefectures, is in fact the largest metropolitan area in the world with about 30 million inhabitants. The first written references to Japan date back to the first century BC and appeared as a brief description in the book of Chinese history.


Japan is a country of traditions, spirituality and modernity, full of beautiful temples, exotic plants and delicious food, also the country of high technologies. The symbol of the land is the Japanese cherry. This magical land, rich in history and culture, can thrill anyone, hospitable and ready to satisfy any needs of tourists, but at the same time with a character that is very different from what we are used to.


Without a doubt, the first thing that visitors of the country want to see is its capital, Tokyo. It is important to know that the city is divided into 23 districts, but from the point of view of tourism, only a few of them are important. Among them is Ginza, the most famous shopping district, Akihabara, considered a technological area of the city, Shibuya, which is a very special area, as here you can see people who dress and imitate the manga characters. Further, lovers of culture can visit Ueno, where many museums and temples are located. Do not miss the chance to visit the Imperial Palace and gardens, the Tokyo Tower and Shinjuku Park.


Learn the splendor of extraordinary culture and centuries-old traditions when traveling to Japan!


Outside the capital, there are also many cities worth seeing, including Kyoto, where you should visit Kinkaku-ji, Golden Temple covered with golden leaves, Osaka, where you can visit the Sumiyoshi Great Temple, the Buddhist temple complex (Sitanno-ji) and the famous castle In Osaka, also the city of Sapporo.

Picturesque and fascinating spectacle is Mount Fuji and the whole surrounding region, among which can be identified Hakone, which is a true romantic refuge, where you can live as in ancient Japan and get lost in the most fascinating world of ancient culture.


Sports fans will not miss the chance to see Sumo, which is a Japanese national sport and even a true historical emblem of an amazing culture. As in Tokyo, and other major cities, there are numerous places where you can take part in such meetings.

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