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The great offer for long-term car rental in Armenia from Naniko

If you are searching for a flexible and convenient system of use of the vehicle for you or your company to make it easier and more successfully cope with the hectic pace of everyday life, you can certainly find the right options on the website of the company Naniko, which offers the most convenient options of auto rent in long terms in Armenia. This may be the irreproachable solution for both professionals and for companies of all sizes. The choice of this kind of lease is that you can fully focus on your work, while qualified specialists will take care of your vehicle individually and of the fleet as a whole.

Benefits of long-term lease of car have been checked and confirmed by time. Under this contract, in exchange for a monthly fee, you get the possibility to use the vehicle for a certain period of time, with the included mileage, the ability to choose from a variety of additional services, such as maintenance, support, and more.

Discover more about all benefits of the long-term auto rental in Armenia at low rates from Naniko!

Rely on years of experience of our company, you can receive a better package and avoid the costs associated with the direct ownership of the car, also all costs for its maintenance.

You do not need to do more financial investment to buy a car, but you will always have in the presence the new cars of your choice.

The length of the long-term lease agreement varies from 12 to 60 months.

The monthly fixed compensation also takes into account the cost of auto insurance, all taxes and any planned or unplanned support.

You don’t need anymore to connect the capital to the sector, which is not your main activity/

At any time you can to obtain detailed advice on all the processes of maintenance and optimization of your mobility, your fleet and its costs by our trained professionals,.

You will certainly save time and resources on the issues of vehicle control and dismissal of administrative matters relating to the fleet.

At the end of the contract you get the opportunity to buy a new car at an affordable price, and the question of resale of used cars are no longer your concern.

Choose any vehicle for rent in the long term in Armenia with a convenient package of services from Naniko!

You do not have any obstacles, to select the car of your dreams, or one that will be more practical for your needs and goals. For example, city cars are reliable and suitable for comfortable travel, taking into account the tight urban spaces. For greater fuel efficiency, you can choose vehicles with alternative fuels.