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Macau – a trip to Asian Las Vegas

Quiet and slightly sleepy in ancient times, the port city of Macau today, unfortunately, turns into a megalopolis of gambling and is a must-see in the list of places to visit of tourists traveling in China. In addition to the numerous playing halls flooded with neon light, Macau is able to offer its visitors a charming combination of Chinese history with elements of Portuguese influence.

Located in the southwest of China, Macao is a former Portuguese colony, but to this day already free from Portugal and only dependent on China. No doubt, in recent years, the city has experienced a huge influx of tourists, mainly attracted by the gambling industry. Most visitors come here from mainland China and Hong Kong, where gambling is banned.
Macau is disposed on the western side of the Pearl River and borders on the South China Sea, but it should be noted that the peninsula is completely devoid of wooded nature, unlike many areas of China.


You can arrive here only on a catamaran from Hong Kong, since the international airport does not serve flights from Europe. You should also know that there is almost no public transport in Macau, and hiking is the best option for tourists.
It will require sufficient dexterity and skill to bypass the numerous local residents trying to lure you into their gaming halls. But, once you pass this obstacle, you can go to the real sights that truly deserve attention. Among these attractions is the Forum of Gia, towering on the top of the hill. It was built in the seventeenth century, and combines the old and new architecture, which is a very unique combination. From its height there are stunning views of the whole of Macau.

The central part of Macau is characterized by narrow streets, which are decorated with typical colonial and European houses, and the heart of the city is Senate Square, where most cafes, restaurants, fast foods and shops are concentrated. A fascinating sight is a fountain, which at night is illuminated by colored lights.

Plunge into the world of exciting diversity and neon lights in your journey to Macau!

Another nice fact is that Macao is rich in beautiful parks, where you can immerse yourself in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by flowers and scents. Among them is worth noting Camoes and Lu Lin LEOC. The entrance to the parks is free, and one should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to rest before returning to the chaotic reality of Macau. In the evening it is possible to visit numerous shows, concerts and fairs.

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