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Museums in Yerevan

The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts – Matenadaran museum is named after Mesrop Mashtots , he is one of the major manuscript repositories around the world , as well ancient Armenian manuscripts. Institute created on the basis of manuscripts Echmiadzin Monastery due to Mesrop Mashtots . He is the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Museum built in 1959 and until now replenished , a great contribution to the replenishment makes Diaspora in Europe.

House – Sergei Parajanov Museum . Parajanov great director , an artist who has created a new film, art having no analogue in the world . He did not live in Yerevan , but his collages , drawings, heritage has left his homeland. The museum opened in 1991. It is worth noting in his art drawings, collages , dolls , sketches movies. He was a genius. Parajanov contemporary, which strikes the viewer imagination and beauty of their work. The museum has more than 250 works and photographs and then used the artistic principles Parajanov . In the last 15 years the museum has organized around 48 exhibitions in different countries.

National Gallery of Armenia . this gallery is the largest in the CIS. Here the largest collection of Armenian art ingenuity in the world. There are so many paintings by Aivazovsky and besides another 35 thousand pictures.

House Museum of Aram Hachaturiana , the museum is located in a family house in Yerevan , where he lived the composer’s brother , it opened in 1982. There is often musical evenings , festivals, exhibitions , there are different letters, manuscripts and photographs. Son of the composer gave the museum his father’s study , bedroom, a grand piano and a lot of things . Museum updated all the time .

National Museum of Armenia in Yerevan , it opened 1921 . simultaneously with the National Gallery of Armenia . It is located in Republic Square . The museum has archaeological, ethnographic , historical divisions.

Genocide Museum , where you will find documents and photos of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 . that Turkey has implemented .

Lots of interesting things to see and learn about Armenia visited museums in Yerevan.