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Naniko rent a car – History of the company of Naniko

The company Naniko is a major supplier of car rental in the Caucasus, also has offices in many European cities. To date it is a leading company of world famous car rental companies.

How originated the company Naniko? How it all began?

It is always difficult, but still always better to start than to sit without action … and if you believe in yourself and your strength you are sure you will succeed and conquer the whole world … – these words were uttered by the founder of the company at a gala evening company.

History of the creation of the successful company Naniko began in 2004. The enterprising group of team members «Concord Group” decided to create a new brand under the name “Naniko” in Georgia. Definitely the main activity of the company should have been – car rental. During this period, the country’s car rental just beginning to develop and eventually became more and more popular and in great demand.

The economic level of the country has been gradually increasing, the government sought to make every effort for the development of tourism infrastructure. Georgia is becoming a popular destination for recreation and travel. Many tourists prefer to rent a car and travel by car than to buy a travel package that is usually more expensive. Actively is used car rental by people who come to the country and need a comfortable transport for business reasons.

Initially, the number of employees of the company consisted of just a few people, and they had one main office. In the car park of the company were only 9 cars. From the earliest days of the company management announced the company’s basic concept – high quality service at low prices.

There were difficulties… it was not easy to create a company that had a lot of rivals in the market in the face of global brands… managers had to invest a lot of effort and hard work in order to win the trust of consumers, to become a company that can certainly trust,  the company that  corresponds all international standards.

Today the company Naniko successful brand car rental in many countries, including in Armenia!

Naniko is the popular among the low budget and the highest budget groups, since its scope of services developed in many directions.

Today it is hard to imagine a simple day of successful business man without a car. Various business meetings, trips require the availability of suitable transport. Our company offers a comfortable car for businessman for a successful day.

What is today Naniko Company?

• It is an international company that has a main office and representative offices in many cities in Europe and Asia.

• The car fleet is equipped with cars of only recent years.

• Excellent opportunity to select car of any class and production

• Provides services to both individuals and legal entities

After the fruitful work of many years company can boast qualified staff and high quality service!