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Operational leasing and car rental in Armenia from Naniko

International company Naniko offers its customers all the new features for more efficient use of their resources, and today suggests a new package of services – an operational leasing in Armenia , which is a smart way to use the parkland. You will have a logical question, why you should prefer to the direct purchase the operational car leasing or the use of other methods of financing. And the answer is simple and obvious. Because in this service package Naniko takes responsibility for the many necessary services that you do not need to be distracted and you can focus on the core business.

Choosing operating leasing you pay a fixed monthly rate and without any restrictions use the car, while Naniko, being the owner of the car has to deal with all administrative matters.

Get more financial benefits with operational leasing and car hire in Armenia with Naniko!

Why more and more companies opt for operational leasing, is not difficult to understand. For example, many enterprises regularly resort to outsourcing of specialized operators. It is obvious that the same logic applies works in this case. Rather than spend money on the maintenance of its own fleet and invest finances in the sector, which is not your direct business, it is better to use professional services and avoid unnecessary costs.

Your decision in favor of the operational leasing brings you a number of benefits and many advantages:

You avoid all forms of risk, relating to the content of the vehicle.

Optimize employees performance, which no longer has to spend their time on the fleet management.

Unleashing the financial resources first necessary to purchase of machines, you will be free to invest them in the development of your business and also to better plan and control your expenses.

Manage your fleet effectively due to operational leasing and car rental in Armenia from Naniko!

You may have doubts about whether the Operational leasing as effective if not more expensive than direct purchase of the car.

In fact, it is very easy to identify, as it made our customers now using this type of lease. Just compare the worth all the numerous costs and efforts on the content of the fleet, maintenance and unforeseen failure, taxes, car insurance, the risks related with the resale of used cars and more just with a fixed monthly fee and trouble-free use of the car, which is always in excellent condition.

In short, the operational leasing of Naniko save you a lot of finance and save you from the headaches about such nuances as the difference between the purchase price and the residual value of the vehicle.