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Rent a car in Kazakhstan – More reasons for choosing Naniko.

Car rental Naniko in Kazakhstan offers the most competitive prices, optimal service and cars of the best conditions. Our offices are situated in easily accessible places: airports, train station and city centers.  For business trip or just for vacation our motor-car-pool will provide you with the most appropriate for your event car. 

Thanks to the company Naniko in Kazakhstan, you will be able to cross freely this amazing country in the heart of Asia, country of immense steppes and great cities. Your trip to this extraordinary cregion will be more pleasant and efficient with Naniko.

Kazakhstancountry of boundless expanses

Kazakhstan is the country of steppes, time ago was settled by nomad tribes, and then was integrated with the imperial Russia and after with the Soviet Union up to its independence of 1991, undergo the numerous different influences in its past.

  • The Art and monuments.

A host of galleries and museums are hosts the exhibits and sculptures not only Kazakh, but also European artists.

The traditional music is playing an important role in the Kazakh culture. In spite of Russian and Muslim influence, the Kazakh music was able to reserve its originality. Reflecting the everyday life, the memory of the past and sole transparency for the world, the Kazakh music is also popular in China and Mongolia.

The country of nomad tribes, Kazakhstan is mostly visited for its fascinating landscapes and created cultural heritage. Tree most important monuments are included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. One of them is the Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasaw – monumental complex, created in XIV century. Also the Mausoleum of Aisha-Bibi  of XII century and Babaji- Khatun of XI century are deserving the attention of tourists. 

  • Landscapes and touristic places.

The natural activity is concentrated mostly in the south-east part of the country, in mountainous regions, because the other parts are covered by steppes. Is the quite reasonable to rent an off-road 4X4 and travel through the mountainous areas, especially in the winter period.


  • Kel-Suu Lake


This lake is situated in the middle of sleep hills, covered by forests on the foot of Cungey Altau, in 110 km to the east from Alma-Ata. There are fantastic places for the camping and trout fishing, especially on June and August. It’s possible to organize helicopter excursions from Alma-Ata.


To cross and discover the country of fascinating and boundless ranges on the board of comfortable vehicle provided by Naniko car renting, will color your trip to Kazakhstan in amazing shades and  leave unforgettable experience!

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