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Vadim Marchenko, Russia, Moscow
Invented interesting game with friends . For those who love to travel . In Game played out 4 seasons in what trips any country. This year the chosen Armenia,Yerevan . Heard a lot of positive reviews. The essence of the game is that – each group gets their season when they have to visit Armenia , given one route. Photos in the same places, the same hotels and car rental companies . Have a lot of such crazy people who love this game, and we try to choose carefully companies and the hotels we cooperated with. This year was the most difficult to choose the car rental company . In Yerevan, a lot of such companies starting with the local brands to worldwide company’s. Stopped on a worldwide company that is starting to catch the leading positions . This rent a car company NANIKO in Yerevan. Masters of their craft , work on one breath . Felt myself safe! All advise !
P.S. very addictive game . Especially pleasant moment to come together at the end of the season, divided photographs and memories from our “4 season” trip.
P.S. Left in a rental car the phone, a couple of magazines and charging. The are really good people, sent us all by DHL

Aleksandr Ilushenko Ukraine, Kiev
I am a journalist from Ukraine . I work in a magazine about tourism. I can say my job is very pleasant and invigorating . All the time on the road . In Yerevan opened a new hotel , they want to place the information about it in our catalog . But other than that , I decided to travel around Armenia, see with my own eyes about what I will tell my readers.
Really did not expect so many interesting and beautiful places . Think devote several pages of Armenia , I especially like their capital , Yerevan . Just give advice on routes and methods of travel . I want to express my gratitude to the worldwide car rental company NANIKO in Yerevan. They are very supportive. Very good prices for rental cars. Hit during seasonal discounts. Best fleet , qualified staff and a global standard of service.
Also, advie to try Armenian cousin, the best one is “dolma”.
Have a Good Day !