Worldwide car rental company Naniko offers best deals
and cheap prices in many locations of the world

Tel: +374 43 48 44 88


Prolonged rentals for your special needs!

If your requirements for car rent are different from the common daily payment conditions and you are looking for special offer;
Or may be you wait for the ordered vehicle or your guest or relatives visit you and they need a car
If you arrive from another district and work at the invitation or interchange program and don’t want to take responsibilities of leasing contract:

Company can offer you monthly rent solution as the most acceptable offer!


  • you do not want to take liabilities, the rent can be prolonged on a monthly bases
  • reasonable monthly rent payment
  • you do not to invest capital in your own fleet, there is no depreciation risk
  • full service package and accessibility anywhere in the country
  • 24/24 and 7/7 operator’s  service and consultation in case of need
  • Ability to move easily and guarantied  car replacement in case of vehicle failure/breakdown
  • Car rent agreement includes quarantined delivery to the indicated destination
  • Full insurance package covers losses from theft and car breakdown
  • Availability of choice and variety of models; the approximate car’s age does not exceed one years
  • Daily mileage doesn’t limited
  • Average  mileage: 50000 km
  • the rent will cover  car fixing costs  and the autobahn’s weight taxes