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California – the American state of thousands of miracles

Disposed in the southern part of the west coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, California is the most populous state of the United States, third in scale, and very diverse both from a physical and demographic point of view.
In numerous American films and television series praised this state, as a result of which millions of spectators are pictured in their minds images of huge waves, super beaches with trained rescuers, large boulevards with palm trees lined along rich villas, and endless gardens and vineyards outside of the cities. Yes, that’s it, and it’s not just an advertising video! In California, everything really glows with beautiful colors and exudes fragrances, and especially when visiting it in the summer, no one will be disappointed by what they saw.
Although the capital of the state is Sacramento, the largest and most populous city is Los Angeles, with its thirteen million inhabitants, covering the entire urban conglomerate.
In coastal regions, the climate and vegetation correspond to the Mediterranean, while in the interior it is drier and there are also some deserts, including the famous Death Valley.

You can arrive in California in Los Angeles or San Francisco, with international airports, from which many international and intercontinental flights take place. Those who wish to spend a few days of sea vacation will prefer to come to Los Angeles, while the San Francisco airport is more profitable for those who intend to visit Northern California with its Napa Valley.
Many travelers in order to navigate the state more conveniently, use car rental services, which should be reasonably booked in advance. In terms of accommodation in California, there is no problem, because here you can find hotels for every taste and pocket, ranging from five-star luxury hotels and up to the economical rooms in the motel.

Plunge yourself into the ​​fun and entertainment, visit the wonderful natural landscapes, traveling in California!

If you visit California from May to June, you can enjoy a sea holiday, as well as visit the beautiful natural parks. But for whatever season your trip has come, California offers an incredible amount of interesting among its magnificent cities and natural attractions.

Certainly, among the points of visit will be Los Angeles, where you can visit Kodak Theater and Hollywood, make a trip to Santa Monica, Malibu and Beverly Hills and relax on the magnificent beaches.
Meanwhile, in San Diego it will be interesting to visit the Italian district and enjoy Italian cuisine. Moving north, along the coast, you can get to San Francisco from Los Angeles, on the way admiring the charming sceneries.
It is certainly worth visiting the Napa Valley, which is known for its endless vineyards and orange groves.

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