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Indiana is the 19th state of the USA

Indiana is a state bordering with the Michigan lake and with the states of Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. Its capital is Indianapolis, well-known for the fact that there is an important race track here.

The name of this state is directly related to the history, namely to the period when these lands were inhabited by tribes of indigenous peoples. In fact, in translation Indiana means the Indian land.

The territory of the state is mainly flat, with only a few gentle hills in the area of Lake Michigan and with the exception of sand dunes in the north-western part.

Indiana was first discovered by French fur traders, and then by British landowners, who faced fighting with indigenous Indian tribes. After a stubborn resistance in the unequal battle of Tecumse, the Indians were forced to capitulate. After Indiana became part of the United States, Swiss, Poles, Germans, Czechs, and others also came from Europe. The economy has undergone significant changes, and in addition to corn and tobacco, the manufacturing industry has developed here, thanks to the exploitation of rivers as main routes.

In addition to cultivated plains and farms, there are also important urban centers, the main of which is the metropolis of the state Indianapolis. As in most American cities, the history of the country is always the main theme here, with which many monuments and sights are associated. Therefore, the capital gives the opportunity to visit many historical museums, among which the most famous are such museums as the Presidential site of Benjamin Harrison or Marilyn Glick History Center.

But world fame brought to the city the presence of a race track of Formula 1, much of which takes place in Indianapolis. Here you can also visit the excellent restaurants, steak houses and bars of famous breweries.

Visit the Formula 1 racetrack in your exciting journey to Indiana!

It is worth to visit the city of Lafayette, filled with life and initiative, where annually held a parade dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day in March. To explore various types of attractions you can visit the city of Shelbyville, where there is also a casino, reminiscent of the famous Las Vegas casino.

In this state you can get everywhere in the museums of sweets, where you have the possibility to study the art of making sweets and marshmallows, know about how to create famous sweets now in the whole world. In this case, everything can be tasted. In wide demand for tourists are the gift shops, with which are filled the streets of the most famous resorts.

It is also possible to make gastronomic and wine tours in the central areas, where you can taste real Neapolitan pizza. Meanwhile, traveling with family, in the city of Spencer you can visit the house of Santa Claus, which is disposed inside the famous museum.

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