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Louisiana – a state of renown natural phenomena and famous carnivals

Louisiana is a US state bordering with Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and is washed by the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico. Its territory has a hilly landscape consisting of forests and meadows disposed to the north and north-east and in the southern part of the plain area along the Mississippi River and generated by the floods of rivers, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. Climatic conditions are characterized as subtropical, with high humidity and frequent natural phenomena. Destructive hurricanes here occur on average sixty times a year, and the tornado collapses about twenty seven times a year.

Concerning the economy of Louisiana, it can be said that the state is highly developed in the agricultural sector, mainly here are the plantations of cotton, potatoes, soybeans and rice, while among the industrial sectors dominate wood, chemical, engineering and food. The territory of the state is also gifted by minerals, among which there are significant deposits of natural gas, oil and sulfur.
The capital of the state is Baton Rouge, although the largest and most famous city is New Orleans. In Louisiana, there are two official languages ​​- English and French.
The state covers almost 53,000 square kilometers of lands along the Mississippi River, flowing through Louisiana from north to south for about 1,000 km.

A trip to Louisiana – a voyage to the state of incredible natural phenomena!

In Baton Rouge, there are approximately 235,000 inhabitants and the city, placed in the central part of the state, is also known as the Red Stick. Here you can visit attractions such as the Louisiana State Capitol, Shaw Arts Center in Perkins Rowe, also the Old State Capitol, the Rural Life Museum and the magnificent Botanical Garden of Independence Park.

But still, it should be noted that the most famous city is New Orleans, at the same time being the largest and most populous, with about 480,000 inhabitants. It is disposed in the southeast of the state, on the banks of the Mississippi. New Orleans is famous for its artistic traditions, music, culinary specialties. And is also especially famous for the annual carnival, which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Returning to the topic of hurricanes, it is necessary to note the sad fact, Hurricane Katrina, that hit the city in August 2005 and claimed the lives of about one and a half thousand people and left thousands of residents homeless.
In New Orleans, you should definitely visit the World Trade Center, S. Charles Avenue, where houses of various architectural styles are located, where there is a French Quarter full of interesting buildings and museums.

Louisiana also offers many natural parks, including the Cane National Heritage Area, the National Historic Park and others.

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