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Wisconsin – a trip to the state of the Great Lakes

The name of the state of Wisconsin has Indian roots, later transformed under the influence of French and English, but retains its basic meaning – “the place where we live.” This state, disposed in the Great Lakes region, borders on the north with Michigan, on the west with Iowa and Minnesota, and in the south with the state of Illinois. Due to its picturesque and magnificent landscapes, Wisconsin is very popular as a destination for recreation in the US. The natural beauty of the state made it a favorite place for Americans.

Wisconsin is also the largest producer of cheese and dairy products, thanks to the extensive farming activities in the state, which is one of the driving forces of the economy. It is for this reason that Wisconsin is also called Milk State.
But the history of Wisconsin is more concerned with the exploitation of the bowels rich in lead. This fact attracted after the civil war a large number of immigrants from Germany and the Scandinavian countries, which in general also influenced the lifestyle of the population.

The capital of Wisconsin, also the center of Dane County, is Madison, where you can visit many interesting attractions, including Monona Terrace, a conference center built in 1938 by Frank Lloyd Wright. The three-level building with large windows overlooking the Monona Lake has comfortable halls for meetings and exhibitions.
Between the lakes Monona and Mendota, stands the Capitol building, famous for the fact that it was the largest building in the volume built between 1906 and 1917 years. Walking from the Capitol, you can go to the main street of State Street, where there are many restaurants and bars.

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The city of Milwaukee, placed on Lake Michigan, has gained its wide popularity as a city of festivals, as there have always been many music festivals throughout the year.
Walking along the lake, you can reach the memorial center of the war, and not so far from here there is an art museum, where the collections of works of the French Impressionists are exhibited. In the old town you can find such interesting buildings as the City Hall, the Pabst Theater and the Art Center. For fans of motorsport it will be interesting to know that here is the headquarters of Harley Davidson, where you can make an excursion on certain days. Also no less famous is the Milwaukee Zoo, dedicated to species that are endangered. From here you can easily get to Glendale, where it is possible to visit the famous Sprecher brewery.

Moving north of Milwaukee, you can reach a very romantic place Door County, where you can enjoy a delicious dish of trout, onions and potatoes. From the harbor, having sat on the ferry, you will reach a small islet of Washington, inhabited by Icelanders.

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