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Alberta – the journey of the Canadian province from Banff National Park and to Edmonton

In Western Canada, bordered by the Rocky Mountains from the north, from the south by the state of Montana, from the east and west by the regions of Saskatchewan and British Columbia, the province of Alberta is disposed, which is a vast plateau, cut by meandering rivers and many small lakes. Also a huge area of ​​the territory is occupied by three lakes, of impressive size.
Alberta is the most magnificent place where you can directly come into contact with wildlife, endowed with picturesque landscapes and unforgettable views. Here you can really feel the beautiful environment, such generosity endowed with crystal clear lakes, huge glacial walls and many others that will fill your mind with unforgettable memories in the future. Here you can easily see from the distance a wolf or a bear a grizzly, a deer or an elk, and although this may seem to you an element of a fairy-tale landscape, but in fact – a real accident presented to you by the local wildlife.
In Alberta, all the greatness and brightness of nature becomes apparent, and the amazing and inspiring natural landscapes are the main reasons why many tourists seek to visit here.

Along with the neighboring region of Saskatchewan, Alberta is the only Canadian province with no access to the ocean, and for this reason it is not among the areas that were first occupied by European settlers. By the time when the land had already been occupied by the settlers, the region’s economy was based exclusively on agriculture, which continued for a long time. To date, one can say that the Alberta economy is one of the most prosperous in Canada, with a strong oil industry.

Enjoy unparalleled wilderness landscapes and the grandeur of beautiful cities on your journey to the Canadian province of Alberta!

The main cities of Alberta are Edmonton and Calgary, which provide visitors with a very interesting selection of attractions and cultural and artistic events.
Certainly, the modern city of Calgary, located in the south of the region, among the hills and plains to the east of the Rocky Mountains deserves special attention. The city has a pleasant cultural atmosphere, as there are three large divisions of the University of Calgary, the Institute of Technology of Southern Alberta and the College of Mount Royal. For more fun, visitors will be able to see Calgary Stampede in July, which is a famous rodeo festival.

Just 120 km west of Calgary, is the famous Banff National Park, founded in 1885 and representing a mountainous area covered with glaciers and coniferous forests, creating landscapes of rare beauty. In the center of the park, in the valley of the river Bow, is the homonymous town of Banff.

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