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Manitoba – a trip to the region of the Canadian Prairies

Manitoba, with a population of about 1.5 million people, is disposed in the center of Canada, particularly in the Canadian Prairie region and is characterized by flat areas where there are more than 110,000 lakes. This area of ​​the country is fantastically rich in authentic and wild landscapes, historical sites and charming natural diversity.
Here, as cities of the first level or bewitching historical settlements, as well as vast meadows, forests and lakes, create pictures similar to paradise.
The capital of the region is Winnipeg, which suddenly appears as if from nowhere, appearing in the middle of windy prairies and its unusual position differs it from other Canadian cities. There are numerous opportunities for entertainment, also takes place a well-known experimental theater festival.
In the vicinity of Winnipeg a lot of interesting things are offered for both history lovers and nature lovers. For example, visiting the Lower Garry Fort, you will be able to see exceptional evidence of the flourishing trade of the nineteenth century and this is the only fort that goes back to those times, which preserved almost in perfect condition.
It is certainly worth visiting the lake Winnipeg, which is a true delight for the eyes, due to its size and incomparably beautiful sandy beaches. A trip to Gimli – an interesting museum, will help you discover a lot about Lake Winnipeg. In the summertime, the sun and the beaches of Lake Winnipeg inspire an irresistible attraction to get lost among the bathers crowding the resorts of Winnipeg Beach and Grand Beach and spend several hours of relaxing beach holidays.

Enjoy everything that the environment can offer, traveling to the Canadian province of Manitoba!

Nature lovers will certainly find interesting the visit of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, placed to the west of Winnipeg, where the flora differs from the Canadian standards with different samples of cactus, also by fauna features. Here you can even see a 20-centimeter lizard that you will not find anywhere else!
In Manitoba, there are many interesting small towns, which includes the pretty town of Neepawa with characteristic brick buildings, softened by colorful floral waterfalls.

In the northern region of Brandon is the National Park Riding Mountain – a popular place for hikers, horseback riding or canoeing, as well as for fans of pompous festivals. In late July, one of the most popular festivals in the region is held here with an abundance of music and dances.
When traveling to the northern part of Manitoba, you should definitely visit the town of Churchill, which is among of the first cities founded by European settlers. The area is characterized by a charming subarctic climate, creating beautiful views both in winter and in summer, when a riot of colors and aromas breaks out from under the thick snow cover.

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