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Quebec – a French-speaking province of Canada, worthy of a visit

It is not in vain that this region is called the “Beautiful Province”, because it offers truly incomparable panoramic views, mountain towns reminiscent of unusual alpine villages, the elegance of large cities like Montreal and Quebec or the enchanting seclusion of the fascinating lands of the Far North, which have the ability to bewitch at first sight.
It would seem that Quebec is a multi-colored mosaic created from unique landscapes and extremely fascinating localities.
The main megacities of the province are Montreal and Quebec, the last of which at the same time is the capital and is endowed with elegant and exquisite features resembling the typical splendor of European capitals.

Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris and is distinguished by an elite spirit, formed due to various ethnic groups from around the world, with a clearly marked multicultural atmosphere typical of the megacities of the third millennium.

In the mountainous regions, you can visit several villages and stroll along their cozy streets, lit by bright showcases of fashion boutiques or nostalgic craft workshops and shops, where a small church always stands on the central square.
In many of these villages you can find the famous ski resorts, such as Saint-Sauver-de-Mont or Ville de Mont-Tremblano, where the Blues International Festival is held annually, which is cult for fans of the genre.

A lot of pleasure and discovery of extraordinary attractions awaits you when traveling to the province of Quebec!

Lovers of the plains will also not be disappointed with their trip to Quebec, as in the northward direction of the capital lies the greenery of the plain of Charlevoix. Here you can enjoy the simplicity of rural rhythms of farms, the development and success of which lie at the heart of the production of organic food.
In addition, Charlevoix provides valuable natural gifts, a walk in the high rocky mountains in the Upper Gorge Park, impressive landscapes, the opportunity to ride on board a canoe and not miss an interesting whale watching session in the Saguena River, near the city of Tadoussac.

No less interesting excursions on the southern coast of Quebec, where many attractions awake curiosity and interest.
For example, in Kikutem, you can visit the pulp and paper mill Pulpierie, which is amongst the largest ones in the world. Rivière du Loup is a well-known tourist center of the nineteenth century, visit of which is similar to a time travel, as it presents a unique collection of 200.000 ancient photographs of Quebec, preserved in the Museum du Bas Saint Laurent.

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