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Saskatchewan – a little-known province of Canada, called the land of hundred thousand lakes

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a remote and not so famous area. The river Kisiskatchewanisipi, once called so unpronounceable by Indians, gave the name of this province, which is placed on the Canadian territory surrounded by Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. This region, isolated until the end of the nineteenth century, is among the largest ones, but despite its size, the population density is rather low. For fans of adventures and nature a trip to Saskatchewan, among its national parks, boreal forests and endless roads, can be a true dream. Travelers can visit the reserves of the Indian tribes of Atapasc, Algonquin and Sioux, also such places as the Musa Jou Tunnels or the Royal Gendarmerie Heritage Center to discover the history of the famous Mount, which shows an interesting past.
This region is interesting and attractive at any time of the year: in autumn you can admire the fabulous sceneries, when the southern valleys of the province are filled with all the colors of the palette, in summer Saskatchewan provides visitors with a variety of opportunities, walking and water sports due to the presence of many lakes. It should be noted that this province receives more sun than others. But in winter time Saskatchewan does not lose its charm and offers magnificent landscapes of frozen lakes and snow-covered plains.

Take an incomparable journey to Saskatchewan, among the magnificent natural landscapes and beautiful cities!

In the north of the province there are boreal forests, the number of lakes is really impressive, and the local flora is rich in a variety of animals such as beavers, bears and pelicans. In the central part there are small towns that differ in their characteristics. Meanwhile, as in the southern part you are greeted by the beautiful “Prairie”, where the plains and fields of wheat lie under the sun.

The province has 59,366 square kilometers of fresh water, that’s why it called as the province of 100,000 lakes. This is a true expanse for lovers of fishing, also for those who are fond of various kinds of water sports. In particular, you can do swimming, canoeing, water skiing, sailing. And those who simply want to do nothing, luxuriate under the sun on the beaches, will certainly find the ideal places for such a pleasant holidays.

In Saskatchewan, you can enjoy a variety of cuisine, thanks to multicultural roots, but traditional dishes are prepared from bison meat. European immigrants also contributed to the local gastronomy, so you can find traditional European cuisine. Wine lovers also will find something for them, as the wines are made from grapes harvested at Cypress Hills.

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