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Corporate car rental in Armenia at the best conditions on Naniko

Constantly improving and keeping pace with the times, the company Naniko provides its customers with a growing variety of packages, taking into account the smallest details and based on the real demands of clients. Among these can be attributed a corporate auto rental in Armenia, which has been specially designed for business people and companies and involves the rental of one or more vehicles needed to resolve the current issues or to organize their activities. With this program, you will certainly save your precious time and money. The rental period is not restricted, the contract can be either for long-term or hourly and this last one used by companies to create the desired image at business meetings.

Save successfully your time and budget with the ideal package of corporate car rental services in Armenia from Naniko!

Our particularized programs are specifically designed to better meet the needs of your company. After registration of the contract, you and your co-workers can take advantage of benefits such as:

Special rates for any rental, be it for a day, a week, a month or more, which includes the cost of insurance and taxes, and you do not need to have other expenses such as property taxes and more as with the direct ownership of the car.

Our offices and rental points are throughout Armenia, in Yerevan and in most countries of the world. Thus, no matter where you are on business matters, we can provide you with a car exactly there.

Our extensive fleet provides approach to a variety of vehicles that are needed, including fuel-efficient models, urban cars, special vehicles, minivans, SUVs, and more.

This type of rental is extremely beneficial for small businesses or large corporations, since most significantly reduces the costs of maintenance of its own fleet or  eliminates them at all.

Learn more about the benefits of a corporate vehicle rent in Armenia at the best tariffs from Naniko!

If car use is necessary in rare cases, the company also avoids the extra costs of a major acquisition and also saves the next depreciation expense and maintenance of cars.

Vehicles offered by our company are always in excellent technical condition.

It is worth noting the important fact that in corporate car rentals are also available the various promotions and bonus programs.

Our professional staff is always ready to advise you regarding the great opportunities of this and other packages, having listened carefully to all your wishes and needs.