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Afghanistan – a trip to the land of poppies

Exploring the world and different tourist destinations, our choice can stop at the Asian country of Afghanistan, which, unfortunately, is known to the world due to the political vicissitudes that took place there for decades. But if we try to go beyond the broadcasted news, we will be able to find very exciting facts about a country that has been at the crossway of cultures and peoples since ancient times.

With a populace of almost 32 million people, Afghanistan has borders with Iran, Pakistan, with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and also with China. In 2004, the Taliban regime fell and the state received a new system of government and a new constitution, but political stability could not be achieved yet.

This Asian mountainous country has a rich past and is full of great people who at different times formed the history of the Asian continent. The metropolis of the country, Kabul, called the intersection of Central Asia, because of its strategic position, has always been the place through which passed the Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, Turks, British, and even the Soviets, even though the United States has not bypassed it in the recent past. To date, the country is experiencing a phase of apparent calm, as the government is trying to resolutely be oppose the Taliban.

The largest and most densely populated city of Afghanistan is its capital Kabul, which is a metropolis with a population exceeding 3.5 million people. Despite the huge damage caused by the war, the old part of the capital is able to impress visitors, where strolling through narrow streets, you can see the characteristic oriental bazaars, with counters laden with a wide variety of goods.

Among the places of cultural interest are several important mosques, also the mausoleum of Shah Shamshera, Nadir Shah, the tomb of Timur Shah, the tomb of Minar-i-Istiklal, surrounded by magnificent gardens.

The most important place for studying the history of the country, for knowing its bloody moments is the Kabul Museum or the National Museum of Afghanistan, which was built in 1922.

Learn the diversity of the Asian continent while traveling to the ancient country of Afghanistan!

The next in the list of places to visit is Kandahar, a metropolis with almost half a million population, disposed in the south of central Afghanistan. The city was the ancient capital of the state during the reign of the Durrani dynasty, and to this day Kandahar is the most important place, especially because it contains the sacred shroud of Mohammed, an invaluable relic of the Islamic religion. In the heart of the city you can visit the tomb of Ahmad Shah Durrani, where many personal belongings of the charismatic ruler of the eighteenth century are exhibited.

Meanwhile, the quiet oasis of peace for travelers is Herat, placed between the mountains of Afghanistan and the Karakum Desert, where an ancient citadel is preserved, full of the most important cultural values.

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