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Bangladesh – a journey into the country of hospitality and thousands of smiles

The first thing that catches your eye when you visit this country is the lush nature and thousands of smiles that meet you. A visit to this country, in fact, is a unique experience, a little adventurous and humanly attractive, as this direction differs significantly from traditional tourist routes.
Of course, after listening to international news, Bangladesh will remind you more of a disaster area than an interesting tourist destination. But behind this series of images of cyclones and floods, also of political instability, you can feel the land of amazingly beautiful and lush nature, which has a rich history and offers visitors a lot of interesting places. Apart of all, you can visit archaeological excavations dating back to 2000 years ago, you can see the longest beach and huge mangroves, and visit the decadent manor houses of the nineteenth century Maharajas.
Bangladesh is a country disposed in South Asia and bordering with India, Myanmar, and in the south overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The highest point in the territory of Bangladesh is the Keokradong mountain, which is 1230 meters in height. The country is crossed by the largest river Ganges, following here from the Brahmaputra. The most important lake is Barkal. The territory of Bangladesh in the past was covered with the most abundant forests of most of Asia, but, at present, as a result of the destructive effect of man, the forests here occupy only a small space.
Being among the most densely populated countries in the world, Bangladesh is also characterized by a high level of poverty. There are various obstacles to economic growth, which also include natural phenomena, frequent cyclones and floods, also inefficiencies in public policy, port infrastructure management, and the use of such energy resources as, for example, natural gas.

Learn in close proximity the diversity of the world when traveling to Bangladesh!

The capital of the country is Dhaka, a metropolis, striking with chaos, traffic, noise, which seems like a boiling cauldron, in which millions of people try to find and equip their living space. An interesting part of the city is Old Dhaka, along a black and fetid river, sandwiched between dilapidated alleys. Here around scurry the thousands of rickshaws, surrounding you from all sides and offering their services. Here you are experiencing moments of the past. The traffic in Dhaka is hilarious, since you can get stuck in traffic for a few hours.

Among the places to visit it is necessary to allocate Srimongol or Srimangal and the charm of this area immediately catches your eye. This hilly area, covered with tea plantations, fields of pineapples and bananas, you can make hikes in the bosom of nature, visit the Lowecherra National Park.

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