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Argentina – a country of majestic nature and historical cities

Disposed in South America, Argentina covers an area of approximately three million square kilometers, of which 54% of the plains are pasture and savanna, 23% of plateau, and 23% are occupied by hills and mounts. The Argentine landscape offers unique natural combinations of wide eastern plains and an impressive chain of Western Andes, the highest point of which is Aconcagua of 6959 meters in height, and it is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. Also, a broad range of landscapes can be seen from Jujuy and to Tierra del Fuego, where you can see the valleys with gorges and colorful hills, the area of lakes, forests and glaciers of Patagonia. In the northeast, betwixt the rivers Parana and Uruguay, the territory is characterized by gentle slopes and marshy pastures. Here, in the midst of the subtropical forest lies the waterfall lguazú, which is an incredibly spectacular sight of nature.

The name of the country has its origin from the Latin word Argentum, which brings us back to the period of travel of the first Spanish conquerors who arrived here led by Juan Diaz de Solis and discovered the Sierra del Plata mountains rich in silver. Subsequently, in 1853, the national constitution finally adopted the name of the Argentine Republic. It is, in fact, huge and interesting country, being a great place to travel, offering a variety of cultural, natural, historical and artistic attractions.

The metropolis of the country, Buenos Aires, is disposed on the banks of the Rio de la Plata and is amongst the most popular cities in Latin America. The whole province of Buenos Aires really amazes with the infinite horizon of cultural life.

Visit the gaucho land, from the southern Tandil Mountains and Ventana to Delta del Paran on your trip to Argentina!

Very impressive is the visit of Norte, which can be described as a haven of traditions and pre-Columbian art. Among the multicolored hills, the northwest of Argentina offers very contrasting landscapes, among which are high mountains, plains and subtropical forests. This region is rich in pre-Columbian history. Under the incredibly blue sky, you can see villages built from raw brick and colonial churches. In your trip the sport fishing and folk festivals will be a wonderful addition, and regional cuisine will pleasantly surprise you with its dishes.

Cuyo is known as the place where wine is born and the sun lives. In translation from the indigenous language, Cuyo means “the land of the desert.” It is an area of large peaks covered with snow of volcanoes and vast valleys. Aconcagua, which is a place for climbers from all over the world, is also a region of paleontological deposits, nature reserves and valleys with an ideal climate for growing grapes.

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