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Bolivia – a country of incredible landscapes and the highest capital city of the planet

The country of South America, disposed in the central part of the continent, surrounded by such countries as Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru, is landlocked, but is able to offer a very impressive variety of landscapes, an incredible natural, cultural and historical heritage. Although, to date, mass tourism is not very developed, but who want to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the landscapes and cultural traditions of this people is still a lot.
In search of a special place for a trip, you should definitely consider Bolivia, where you can make adventurous trips, crossing the variety of landscapes, from the highlands and the impressive peaks of the Andes to the tropical lowlands of Yungas.
In Bolivia there are such incredible places as Lake Titicaca, which is the highest navigable lake, located at an altitude of 3812 meters above sea level, and also the capital of the country La Paz, which is considered the highest capital of the planet, placed at an altitude of 3600 meters. On Lake Titicaca you can observe charming landscapes and flocks of flamingos.
Among the places of special beauty and interest is the Laguna Verde Sal-de-Uyuni, also the archaeological ruins of Tiahuanaco. You can visit the beautiful city of Cochabamba, where one of the largest statues in the world of Christ Concordia rises.
Very characteristic is the city of Potosi, where the oldest and largest silver mine throughout the Spanish America, Cerro Rico, is located. In Bolivia, there are many world heritage sites, including Fort Samaiapata, the historic city of Sucre, the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos, and the archaeological excavations of Tiwanaku.

Visit unique places and the highest capital of the world when traveling to Bolivia!

The most important cities of Bolivia are La Paz and Sucre, a visit of which will enrich your journey with new impressions and indelible memories. For La Paz, colonial architecture is typical, and the true soul of the city is best appreciated especially in local markets, a very distinct one of which is the Mercado de las Brujas or the witch market.

The climate of the country is very diverse because of different heights, and the seasons are significantly different from European ones. Bolivian summers are often rainy, and winters are usually dry. The months from November to March are considered the best period for visiting the country.
The official language in the country is Spanish, however, as in virtually all countries of South America. Bolivia has its own local currency, but you can also use the dollar and the euro for payment without any problems. The country also offers a very diverse cuisine, which is mainly based on rice, potatoes, beef and fish in lakeside areas. When traveling in mountainous areas it is recommended to have sweaters and sweatshirts.

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