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Armenia – a wonderful country of crosses and monasteries

Visit to Armenia can be compared to a trip back in history, to the beginnings of Christianity in the past of the country, which for centuries has gone through many different phases, where towering stone crosses are a living testimony of a large religious influence. Armenia knows how to surprise its visitors! Located at the crossroads of Asia, the Middle East and Europe, in the Caucasus region, in the country clearly displayed the impact of the majority of nations that surround it. Here you can see the wonderful sceneries, mountain ranges, plateaus and lakes, replacing each other in sequence and demonstrating the unique beauty of natural landscapes.

And then are culture, art, folklore, museums and galleries. You cannot overlook the chance to visit the Matenadaran, which is the largest library of manuscripts. Here in the capital of Yerevan, you can visit the many colorful markets, in a couple of meters from the main square where artisans and merchants selling their products. In short, among the many contrasts, one can understand very clearly that Armenia is exactly that place which will not leave indifferent anyone.

Travel to Armenia and explore in comfort the land of ancient myths and biblical stories!

In fact, Armenia has to offer something for everyone.

Here, everywhere you can see the historical temples, monasteries and monuments testifying to the origins of Christianity, which was proclaimed as the state religion in 301 after the birth of Christ.

On the whole territory of Armenia can contemplate the khachkars, or stone crosses, descended from the menhirs, recurring image of which is present throughout the visit to Armenia. These large stone monoliths are usually made of carved tuff, are about 30,000 nationwide. As Christian religious symbols, they represent the image of the Armenian cross, some with leaves or fruits as an allegory of the continuity of life, and there are other variations, some of which also depicts the image of Christ.

Echmiadzin is the main shrine of all Armenians, where today is disposed the Armenian Apostolic Church. Its history is linked to the spread of Christianity by Gregory the Illuminator at the end of the third century, as well as with interesting legends about what led the King Trdat III to adopt Christianity as a state religion. The most common version is the one that tells the king imprisoned Gregory the Illuminator in a deep pit filled with poisonous snakes, from which no one ever got out alive in order to punish him for his Christian faith. But Gregory, who secretly was fed up by one widow, survived and was released by the king after thirteen years of imprisonment.

It is difficult to enumerate all the great and wonderful places of this small country, which any visitor would like to see when travel to Armenia. These are the Temple of Garni, Geghard and Haghartsin Monastery, the largest observatory in Byurakan, Echmiadzin, Khor Virap, Amberd, Lake Sevan and much more. In order to visit in comfort all the interesting places, many tourists enjoy car rental services in Armenia, offered at the lowest prices from company of Naniko. Thus, you can visit the many monuments and ancient and medieval masterpieces which are scattered throughout the country. Tourism in Armenia is gaining significant momentum, given a variety of organized tours to historical monuments of the country and its natural attractions. One of the most attractive places is Mount Ararat, about 5165 meters high, which is a national symbol of Armenia and is visible from much of the Southwest region.

Armenians are well known for their friendly character and hospitality, and are always ready to offer to the guests a cozy atmosphere in any part of the country. Also is famous the Armenian cuisine, with its own national characteristics. For example, everywhere you can buy typical fresh Armenian bread called lavash, which can be wrapped, putting inside anything you want.

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