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Belarus – the land of countless natural resources and unexplored spaces

The crystal clear springs, ancient oak forests, irresistibly beckoning tired of the hustle and bustle of city life travelerы, a variety of bizarre forms of nature and fresh air – that’s what attracts millions of visitors from around the world in a country called Belarus. No one will remain untouched by pristine nature, providing an orgy of bright and colorful landscapes, untouched by human hand.

Every day Belarus becomes more and more popular tourist destination for those who intend to travel in Europe. The country consists of 7 regions, each of which has its own charm and offers visitors a variety of areas to explore. There are all conditions for tourism and you can comfortably accommodate in perfect hotel at affordable prices in cities such as Minsk, Brest, Gomel and others. And to travel in Belarus in complete freedom, it is very reasonable to rent a car from a company Naniko and overpower any desired routes.

The geographical position of Belarus increasingly led to the country’s history, which is being located in the heart of Europe, was a coveted land to the invaders.
The country really is enormous and 39% of the 207 thousand square kilometers of Belarus is covered by forests. This is a vast plain third part of which is covered by forests and the territory is also rich in waters. Here are 99,000 rivers and streams and 11,000 lakes, which are colorfully complete landscape of Belarus, and due to this it is called the land with blue eyes.
In view of the climatic conditions, there are plenty of resort with therapeutic functions where you can spend a vacation that favors restoration and strengthening the immune system and good for a healthy lifestyle.

Experience the charm of a healthy lifestyle in the vast expanses in your trip to Belarus!

Because of the multiple invasions over the centuries of history, a record number of reconstructions were carried out in Belarus. About 80% of the major cities in the country were almost completely destroyed during the World Wars. For example, Minsk was completely rebuilt between 1944 and 1960. That is why only a small historical heritage preserved in the country.

On the territory of the country there are several nature reserves, the most interesting of which is the National Park of Bialowieza Forest, which has not only ecological importance, but also historical.
Another national park of Braslav Lakes forever immortalized glacial traces left on the territory of Europe and Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is a unique model of the reserve, with untouched corners of southern taiga.
You can take a tour of the ethno-cultural complex of the Nanosy-Novosel’e, which is located on the shore of Lake Naroch, where to visitors are offered hiking, cycling, kayak tours, sailing and much more.

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