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Belgium – a cosmopolitan country with a long tradition

To visit such country as Belgium, there are a lot of reasons. It may be noted just the fact that here are 35 World Heritage sites, more than 2,000 chocolate shops, about 200 museums, 650 different kinds of beer and 300 Art Nouveau buildings only in Brussels. In short, Belgium is the ideal place for any type of holiday where you can find something for any taste and preference.

The country has a fairly small size, but although it is parted into three regions: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels region. Here, everywhere you can find a beautiful historical cities, breathtaking sceneries and historical monuments.

The capital of Belgium and of Europe, Brussels is a cosmopolitan metropolis that still keeps the charm of a small town. Among its main attractions will certainly need to mention the Grand Place, which is amongst the most attractive medieval squares in Europe.

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On the Grand Place and the surrounding area you can visit a number of monuments, such as the House of Bushehr, Merchants House, Sarti House and much more. Another interesting place to visit in the capital is the Atomium, which was originally built only for exhibitions, but remained virtually unchanged and has become a kind of symbol of the city. In order to experience a true taste of literature and history, it is worth to visit the Cafe de la Renaissance, which once was a popular refuge of such famous people such as Hugo, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Dumas and many others. To date, the Atomium is better known under the name of Tavern du Passage.

Visit the interesting cities and places of the country, in order to fully enjoy your trip to Belgium!

Bruges is known to many as the jewel of Flanders, where you can admire the narrow streets with its canals, which irresistibly captivate by its charm. Here you can take a pleasant boat trip and calmly consider the interesting parts of the city architecture. This charming and romantic town, intersected by numerous canals, called Venice of the North. At the historic center of extraordinary beauty you can visit the many historic buildings, chocolate shops, lace boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.

Meanwhile, Antwerp got a celebrity thanks to the vibrant nightlife, where you can visit the famous fashion shops, fashionable restaurants and take part in numerous festivals. Here you can admire the magnificent medieval buildings, which together with modern architectural edifices create a unique architectural symbiosis.

The historic city of Liege is situated on the river Maas and is a picturesque town where you can visit the spa center, surrounded by rolling hills.

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