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Bosnia and Herzegovina – a country of endless opportunities and new tourist routes

The young state, expanding from the Adriatic littoral to the Western Balkans firmly follows the path of recovery from the consequences of the recent war. This small land provides travelers with plenty of opportunities to explore new tourist routes, among which are the interesting destinations such as Mostar and Medjugorje.

Traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is still possible to observe the imprints of conflict and violent clashes of the Civil War, especially in the outskirts of Mostar and Sarajevo, which was the epicenter of these tragic events. On the walls of the buildings still remained the signs of bullets, and in the eyes of inhabitants you can see hidden somewhere deep the pain of bleeding wounds.

This premise underlines the feature that this trip through the Balkans will not be just a tour of the country, but will be like a trip to another dimension, which appears in the distance of light-years away from us, but in fact only a few hours away.

Many of the sightseeing of Bosnia and Herzegovina related to the different stages of history, where the considerable place takes part in the recent events, the clear instance of which is the famous bridge in Mostar and the fortress on the mountain Zec.

Learn a lot of interesting details of the country’s past when traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina!

History of the Old Bridge in Mostar touches the deepest strings of the soul of local people. The bridge over the river Neretva centuries existed here, was destroyed during the bombing in 1993. With its destruction the Mostar residents feel as if their hearts were split into two parts. Decades later, the beautiful stone bridge that crosses the river Neretva, newly restored and now is a symbol of the revival of city life, which is the most beautiful place in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A trip to Sarajevo lets you experience how friendly and hospitable is actually the city, where you will feel yourself like at home. In spite of anything, the city has retained its charm and in many and quaint cafes and bars provides the opportunity to join the local traditions and culture. The city stands on the background of the endless hills and high mountains, which create a unique atmosphere. Walking through the streets of Sarajevo, you can admire the old buildings survived from the Ottoman Empire era or the architecture of the buildings of the Austro-Hungarian period.

In order to be able to visit the natural attractions in the country, many people prefer to rent a car from a company Naniko, which offers services through a convenient booking system. In this way, in the presence of the car, you can freely go to explore the caves of Vjetrenica, which is a large complex of caves found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also incomparable impressions can be obtained by visiting the waterfalls of Kravica.

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