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Brazil – the birthplace of samba and the extravagant architecture of big cities

Brazil is a large country of the South American continent, occupying an area of ​​more than eight million square kilometers, making it the fifth country in the world in terms of its territorial size and population. The country differs in its diversity from any point of view, and the richness of nature is no exception. Here you can see the Amazon rainforests, water spaces, wild animals of Pantanal, feel the atmosphere of colonial villages or large cities with many contradictions, enjoy the sunny beaches and nightlife.

Brazil is able to surprise you with the extravagant architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, considered the father of Brazilian architecture, many of whose works can be seen in various cities of the country.
In fact, Brazil is an ideal place to travel, where you can make a variety of routes according to your interests. Here, the splendor of nature harmoniously combines with cultural attractions and the possibility of a pleasant stay. The extensive coastline provides beautiful beaches, with the best organized infrastructure for tourism. Here you can hike in the giant forests of Amazon, which are the largest biological heritage of the planet.

Those who love travel with adventure can find the ideal conditions for this north of the Amazon, make a trip on river boats or on board of cruise ships leading from Belem to Manaus, both of which deserve a visit.

Discover the diversity of the natural and cultural heritage of the planet, making an exciting trip to Brazil!

The north-eastern part of the country is associated with poverty in the eyes of the Brazilians, who live in favorable conditions in the south and southeast, and is regarded almost as a foreign state. This area was the first colonized by the Portuguese, and also has ancient ties with African countries.

Salvador da Bahia, a city that was the capital of Brazilian territory from 1549 to 1763, contains much more than any other place in the country; This is the true soul of Brazil. This mystical place is rich in ancient churches, the most important examples of colonial architecture and is home to such famous people as writer Jorge Amado and musicians Baden Powell and Gilberto Gil.

In the south-eastern part of the country is disposed probably the most famous city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Rio is able to offer much more than just a sequence of famous beaches like Copacabana or Ipanema, a breathtaking backdrop of mountains and the sea, carnival and nightlife. Here you can immerse yourself in the study of culture and history, visit the numerous churches and museums, see the Sugar Loaf or Corcovado. Here there are tropical islands, such as Ilha Grande or Bai de Sépetip, as well as the Ecological Reserve of Costa Verde.

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