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El Salvador – a trip to the country of Central America

The State of El Salvador, disposed in Central America, is surrounded from the south by Guatemala, from the west by Honduras, separated from the Gulf of Fonseca by Nicaragua and with access to the Pacific Ocean, has a population of more than six million people.
In the pre-Columbian era, this area was originally inhabited by the Maya tribes, and later, in the eleventh century, the peoples of Pipil lived here, who were expelled from their lands by the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado. He also was the first European to set foot on the lands of El Salvador in 1524, and his brother Diego became the founder of San Salvador, the capital of the country to date. After centuries of Spanish enslavement, in 1811 the first independence movements broke out, resulting in the proclamation of a Republic in 1841. The twentieth century witnessed a change in the dictatorship of various political factions, and to date, the country is governed by Prime Minister Elìas Saca, belonging to the Republican Alliance of Nationalists with the support of the United States.

The territory of El Salvador, covered with vast forest expanses, crowned with high mountains, which are reflected in numerous volcanic lakes, hides a centuries-old and interesting history.
The interior areas are characterized by a large plateau, crossed by numerous watercourses, where there are also two volcanoes over 2000 meters high, one of which, Izalco, is still active. It is for this reason that the country is in a zone of high seismic activity, with the probability of frequent earthquakes and tsunamis. Among the lakes, by its size it is possible to distinguish Lake Koatepeque, which is among the ten most beautiful ones in the world. Since the lake is placed at the foot of Santa Ana Volcano, the water has a pleasant temperature and is an ideal place for recreation, diving, sailing, canoeing, water skiing and more.
Not so far from here one can reach the most beautiful place of the pre-Columbian era, Tazumal, the literal translation of which means the place where the victims are burnt. Hence it can be concluded that this was a kind of altar for the cremation of the dead. The main structure is a large pyramid of 24 meters, in which were found 23 graves, with funeral urns decorated with vases, jewelry and others, which today are exhibited in a museum placed at the foot of the pyramid.

Explore the interesting history of the country and enjoy the amazing nature when traveling to El Salvador!

The largest urban centers of the country are the capital of San Salvador, with a population of one and a half million people, also Nueva San Salvador, Santa Ana and San Miguel.
The capital is located in the heart of the country, at the foot of the eponymous volcano and is a classic city of Central America, which experienced rapid growth without the rules of urban planning.

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