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Cambodia – a trip to one of the pearls of Southeast Asia

As it is observed, in recent years the charm of Southeast Asia has attracted thousands of tourists from all many countries, intrigued by the wealth of archaeological excavations and the natural beauty of the area, which for many years suffered from cruel wars and genocide. A trip to Cambodia gives us the opportunity to discover the natural beauty, culture and past of the country, which is full of dramatic moments. This small and cozy destination, placed on the border with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, having a very strategic position, is easily achievable and can be a perfect continuation of a comprehensive trip.

The travel to Cambodia offers you 360-degree views of a country that has been subjected to repressions for many years, which was able to get back on its feet and to date turn into one of the pearls of Asia.

Besides cognitive tours, you can find places for a relaxing holiday in the south of Cambodia, where you can find clean water and pristine white sand beaches. One of the islands that is a true paradise for relaxation is the isle of Koh Rung, accessible for a couple of hours by ferry from Sihanoukville.

Cambodia is so rich in interesting places, in fact will not disappoint anyone. Among the numerous attractions, undoubtedly at the first place is the famous complex of temples of Angkor Wat, disposed in the north of the country, near the city of Siem Reap. This complex is a pearl of ancient Khmer architecture, drowning in the jungle. Angkor is a chimera, which every traveler seeks to see.

Very entertaining can be a boat trip on the Mekong, during which you can observe the freshwater dolphins of Irrawaddy, a rare species in danger of extinction.

Certainly, the floating city of Kompong Luonga deserves special attention, where you can see houses, schools and many buildings built exclusively on boats and rafts.

Take a ride on a bamboo train to interesting places in the country when traveling to Cambodia!

Although, it often happens that a trip to Cambodia is made primarily to see the temples of Angkor Wat, there are many other places of special interest. These include the city of Battambang, known as the French colony and the temples of Phnom Sampeau. In the middle of the ruins you can see a Buddha statue carved into a rock and 30 meters of high. There is also a cave in which to this day the bones of those people who could not avoid the Khmer Rouge massacre are stored. In Battambang you can go to trip on a bamboo train, which will be a curious experience.

In addition, the symbol of Cambodia is the largest religious structure, which today is recognized as the eighth miracle. This structure is a huge archaeological heritage and its ruins stretch for about three hundred kilometers, surrounded by forests and lakes.

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