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Chile – a country of the highest volcanoes and incredible natural beauties

Among the most enjoyable types of human activity undoubtedly not the last place is occupied by travel. Acquaintance with new cultures opens our mind and enriches our knowledge about the diversity of life on Earth. There are many destinations and interesting countries to visit and you just have to choose the most interesting one for you.

Considering the map of the world, you can see that Chile appears aas a long narrow strip sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. But, what you can’t notice on the map is a huge diversity of environments, landscapes, climatic conditions, cultures and traditions, with which this Latin American country is rich.

A lot of time will be required to make a trip to this country, taking into account the huge distances between places of interest, also the inaccessibility of some places.

The capital of Chile is Santiago, a city disposed in the north of the country and harmoniously combining the poverty of the colonial past with great hopes and a view of the future that are presented in modern neighborhoods and avant-garde architecture. It is definitely worth visiting the beautiful and majestic beaches of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar located right next to Santiago. But the north of the country is also known for being the region of the Great Lakes of Chile, including Chungar, the highest lake in the world, placed at an altitude of 4,500 meters, and also volcanoes that exceed 6,000 meters.

In the north of Chile, you can also see the most arid deserts in the world, amongst which is the Atacama Desert, taking incredible colors due to the high salinity of the area. Here live millions of pink flamingos, creating incredibly beautiful spectacles during the migration. The background of the desert is created by the Andes, which are a true paradise for enthusiasts of hiking. This region is also rich in beautiful valleys, including the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of Death, which are often used for filming as an extraterrestrial environment.

The southern part of the country will give you the opportunity to admire the wild and almost uninhabited area of Chilean Patagonia, where only penguins and some other kinds of animals live. This amazing trip to Patagonia will give you a chance to realize how strong a human civilization is, capable of developing even in such harsh environmental conditions.

Despite the distance of thousands of kilometers, Easter Island belongs to Chile, and to get there, regular flights are offered from Santiago, which, however, are the only way to arrive on the island.

For many centuries, this island is uninhabited and only used as an open-air museum, storing its mysterious charm.

In short, a trip to Chile does require a good preparation, so as not to lose sight of the many interesting places to visit.

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