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Czech Republic – a country of breathtaking sceneries, culture, resorts and snow

If you have planned your tour to the Czech Republic, then you will get  a great chance to explore the country in all its delights, to visit not only its capital Prague, but also many exciting areas that are part of this country and shaping its character and style . Here you will see a variety of fascinating sites included in the World Heritage list. In fact, the Czech Republic is a country of small dimensions with an exceptional artistic and cultural heritage, by which were conquered such celebrities as Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, Milos Forman, as well as numerous artists, architects and writers. Most places of interest are located in the regions of Bohemia and Moravia, which definitely worth a visit, despite the fact that tourism is mainly focused around Prague.

Let’s do a short review of some places that you can visit in one or another region, in the most effective way use. For more rationality of your trip to the Czech Republic is recommended to take a car rental from Naniko, which is an international provider of services at the most competitive prices.

Thus, the number of places, which can be enjoyed in Bohemia:

Kutna Hora is disposed in the central part, only 60 km away from Prague, a city that had preserved almost intact its interesting past. In old times the substantial iron ore deposits were concentrated here, which have already been exhausted to date. In 1308 here was founded the Mint, and city for a long time competed with Prague for the title of the most important town in the region.

In the town of Litomysl you can visit the splendid medieval castle in the Renaissance style of the 16th centenary, which is an excellent example of the style of life of the nobility of the time.

Among the West Bohemian Forest is a unique and legendary city of Pilsen, also founded in the thirteenth century and is home to the famous beer. This city is the presence of numerous natural and cultural attractions and the best of the resorts in the region. Such resorts as Karlovy Vary and Teplice always were visited by the most famous people of Europe. Here were Peter the Great, King Edward VII of, Goethe, Beethoven, Schiller, Chopin and others.

Take a unique journey to the Czech Republic and get a great vacation at its resorts!

Meanwhile, moving toward Moravia, you can visit the ancient town of Olomouc, which is dominated by the Baroque style. Here you can admire the Holy Trinity Column and other monuments.

Brno is the capital of South Moravia, and provides for visit the Capuchin monastery, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Spilberk Castle and the nearby town of Austerlitz, the former site of the legendary battle.

Telc – a small village with an interesting historical center, the park and its beautiful lake, where also can be discovered a castle and museum of Vysočiny pobočka.

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