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Denmark – the country of fairytale reality and the birthplace of the famous Legoland

Denmark can be described as magical land that once in a lifetime everyone should visit. The charming old-world appeal here ideally combined with elements of modern design, which are becoming increasingly popular in the world. The atmosphere of a fairy tale, in the opinion of many people is similar to the earthly paradise for its quality of life, stability and progressive social policy, also thanks to the magnificent architecture, culture and clean and virtually untouched nature.

The urban centers of Denmark are ideally suited for tourism, where there are any functional facilities and conditions for travel is incredibly simple and natural. Visiting Danish capital Copenhagen, small towns like Skagen, the old Ribe and Aarhus, you just fall in love with the surrounding atmosphere and will always remember the carefree and cheerful day in Legoland.

A trip to Denmark promises you so many interesting things that you just can relax and enjoy whatever you see!

No any trip to Denmark will be complete, if must list will not contain the visit of famous theme park of Legoland, the magnificent magic kingdom, created from small colored bricks. The park was founded in 1968, near the Lego factory, and not far from Billund Airport which is the second busiest airport in Denmark. This wonderful entertainment complex was built with 60 million colored pieces of Lego and offers more than 50 attractions that irresistibly attract both children and adults. Park is very easily accessible from the Danish capital by transport or by car rental from Naniko, which can effectively pre-booked through the company’s site.

Legoland is situated on the territory of 45 hectares, which are divided into nine thematic areas. You can visit the fascinating Miniland, or the children can attend school of Toyota Traffic and get their first driver’s license, to plunge into the world of the Wild West, or take a trip on a submarine, as well as take part in pirate battles in the lagoon. You will be able to go to the Polar Land and make an exploratory expedition, crossing fantastic landscapes, populated by real penguins and much more that will leave an indelible impressions for all your life.

The town of Skagen by many called a paradise and invaluable area of land and sea, a natural pearl with a bit of a wild nature, which had always attracted many artists searching for inspiration. Strolling through the narrow streets in the center of Skagen, you can see the lively shops, port and many typical restaurants.
Not far from Skagen there are 60 kilometers of beautiful white beaches. Meanwhile, the Kattegat coast offers its gentle shore, where the water is shallow and the beaches are ideal for families with children.

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