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Estonia – a country of natural wonders for all seasons

Estonia surprises its visitors and lovers of ecotourism  with its extensive parks and rocky coasts, wetlands and large impact craters, sites for bird watching and carnivorous mammals. If you wish to make an entertaining trip, covering art, history and culture, colorfully framed in a beautiful nature, then this place is without doubt the Estonia.

The country, disposed in Northern Europe and attracts numerous visitors every year. The metropolis of Estonia, Tallinn is that place which since the Middle Ages was a significant center for trade in the Baltic. Today, it is a sought-after tourist destination, attracting visitors by its incomparable medieval center, which remained virtually untouched. The city also offers a diversity of cultural activities and nightlife making it a popular choice for people of all tastes and ages. However, when traveling to Estonia you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit other cities, places rich in medieval castles, manors and many others.

The major places of interest after the capital city are Tartu and Pärnu, where you can find tranquility and natural beauty, as well as many historical sites.

Parnu also called the summer capital and due to the presence of white sandy beaches, picturesque streets and beautiful parks, attracts a lot of tourists in the summer time. Meanwhile, Põltsamaa, situated betwixt Tallinn and Tartu is considered the wine capital of Estonia. Here grown grapes and produced the special wines with combination of such fruits as apples and currants. You can participate in a tour of the wineries and taste the local products.

Take a trip to Estonia and submerge yourself into the world of medieval towns and magnificent nature!

Tartu is widely regarded as a scientific center of Estonia, thanks to the availability here of the famous University, which was established in 1632. The main University edifice has a unique architectural composition and together with the famous Church of St. John is an interesting place to visit. In Tartu you can relax and enjoy your time in the Wilde Pub, which is dedicated to the two famous writers: Irishman Oscar Wilde and Estonian Eduard Vilde. The town is crossed by the river Emajõgi, through which in the old days passed the important trade routes.

Haapsalu, which is the administrative center of Lääne County, is placed 100 kilometers from the capital and is known for its castle, which is currently hosts the museum, and in the courtyard of which are regularly held concerts. Haapsalu is also well known for its warm sea waters and mud with healing properties. Snturies far it was a popular place for rest of the Russian Tsars, albeit today is a renowned  summer resort.

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