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England – the country of knights. What to see: the ideas for the route

London – charming Albion, with Tower Bridge proudly rose over the Thames and the majestic Big Ben, has captivated the hearts of many generations of tourists from all over the world. It offers all kinds of attractions: Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and many more, that is the visit card of London and often of England. Not to mention about the local area, such as the university town of Cambridge, and Windsor Castle.

  • Manchester, although this is only the seventh largest English city, is another place that should be visited; in fact it is the second most visited city in the country after London, and is especially famous for its musical heritage, nightlife, museums and architecture.
  • York, a particularly striking medieval town with a magnificent cathedral Yorkminster, the largest church in Northern Europe.
  • Liverpool, an hour’s drive from Manchester, a city of art and culture, known throughout the world because it is the city of the Beatles, so it’s impossible to miss the chance to visit the Cavern Club, where the band performed for the first time.
  • Birmingham is the most populous British city after London, has not, perhaps, the special attractions for tourists, although it has more canals than Venice, museums and rich nightlife incendiary clubs.
  • Natural beauty.

It is necessary to see the beautiful natural scenery of the Lake District, just two hours away by train from Manchester, an area full of quaint towns. You can even stay in a beautiful thatched cottage. Most people would agree that this is the most beautiful part of England. Nearby you can visit Wedgewood or Royal Worcester, famous for its porcelain, Coventry Cathedral, Warwick Castle and the university city of Oxford.

For nature lovers, English landscapes rich in wildlife, such as the north of England, in the coniferous forests of the National Park Lake District, you can see the red squirrel; further south, in the New Forest, you may encounter with the wild ponies. England is full of flowers in spring and summer.

Glastonbury is a favorite place for fans of King Arthur, as well as for lovers of spirituality. Glastonbury Abbey, full of myths and legends, and various legends of King Arthur, where you can dream of Camelot and Avalon.

Nearby you can admire the Cathedral of Wells and attractions Wookey Hole.

  • Portsmouth, an important naval base of the British Navy and the birthplace of Charles Dickens. Quay Portsmouth allows tourists to see the marine attractions, as Mary Rose, Nelson’s ship, HMS Warrior, the miracle of his time in the world of metal -first battleship of the British Royal Navy, launched on 29 December, 1860.

Despite the fact that in England the transport services of train and bus lines operate at the highest level, for lovers of free graphics and mobility, it would be the best solution – a journey to England by car.


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