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Georgia – a country of amazing realities and the cradle of the first European

The exceptional discovery made by archaeologists, could be noted that really shocked the international academic world, and this discovery is evidence of migration of early humans outside of Africa and their spread on the European continent, on the territory of Georgia of today, about two million years ago. On the territory of Dmanisi, in the region of Kvemo Kartli skulls of human ancestors have been found in Georgia, which date back of more than 1.8 million years, and confirms the origin of the first European is exactly in these areas of Georgia.

This discovery, as well as many historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the country, makes it possible to consider Georgia as an interesting tourist destination that is becoming the cultural and economic, geographical and political bridge between Europe and Asia.
Today, Georgia is already a highly popular destination and is experiencing a significant increase in tourist influx in such ancient cities as its capital Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Telavi, on the beautiful beaches of Batumi and in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus with the incomparable landscapes. A powerful impetus to this growth also gave political stability, favorable economic growth, the competitive prices and the low level of corruption in Georgia, which together help to attract foreign investors in various sectors.

Georgia is a small, but irresistibly attractive country, a visit to which can exceed all expectations!

Let’s start with the Caucasus Mountains, where in the Svaneti region can  a be passed wonderful way and be observed the spectacular glaciers and majestic rocky peaks; in the region of Tusheti is possible to wade between forested mountains and cross the endless grassy meadows. Along with the magnificent nature of these regions, it is impossible not to remain fascinated by the ancient traditions of the local people, features of a rustic architecture and areas dotted with medieval towers. It should be noted that there is the village of Ushguli nominated as the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe. Visiting these places and seeing the majestic towers, seemingly on the edge of the world, it covers the feeling that you are suddenly transported into some fairy tale! Meanwhile, visiting the village Omalo, constructed on the tops of the hills, you instantly appear into the atmosphere of past eras. Here you will meet kind and hospitable people, who are always happy to offer to guests a glass of excellent wine and drink a toast to his health.
To get to Georgia is fairly easy, thanks to the presence of several international airports, from where there are direct flights to numerous destinations in Europe and worldwide. And having arrived already in place, you can always take advantage of car rental services in Georgia from the company Naniko, offering great service and low prices.

So why it is worth to do a trip to this unique country in the Caucasus? The reasons are many:

Firstly, this exciting trip will cost you much cheaper than the tour in any of the European countries, and in spite of this fact, in any service sector or in terms of driving pleasure, you get much more than in other countries.
Further, it is imperative to note that you will plunge into the sea of art and culture, which can provide a trip to Georgia. The incomparable architecture of monasteries and churches, provides an opportunity to discover the country’s centuries-old history, origins of Christianity adopted as the state religion in the early fourth century and the deep faith of the Georgian people.
Here you can see the stunning ancient monuments that have survived to the present day: the towns caved in rocks, caves dug into the tuff and steep mountain paths leading to old churches.

It should be also noted as such feature as unique delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine and the fact that the taste of khachapuri and khinkali will leave a fond memories for a long time even for the most notorious gourmets.
In short, Georgia is a country of contradictions, caused by a variety of landscapes, climates and territories, ranging from the lush and subtropical, alpine altitudes of snow-covered Caucasus and up to the semi-arid areas in the east.

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