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Finland – the country of the Northern Lights and the homeland of Santa Claus

After Iceland, Finland is the northernmost country in the world and is widely in demand as a tourist destination by amateurs of unique northern landscape, the endless plains with dense forests and numerous lakes, which are here at least 188. 000. There you will have a tempting opportunity to pet the reindeers, ride on the sleigh and take a picture on Napapiri line directly above the Arctic circle. And, of course, experience the incomparable feeling when visiting Finnish Lapland, which is the northernmost point of the country and the land of the ancient Sami. Despite the fact that winter is quite severe, there are lots of good reasons to visit this charming country.
Unchanged destination for most tourists in the winter is a point in the north of the Great Lakes and region of Lapland, while the contrasting point can be Helsinki, if you have decided to travel to Finland in the summer. Near the Arctic Circle from 7 June to 7 July you can enjoy the sun 24 hours a day, while the southern region has 15 hours of sunshine from May to September.
You should definitely include in your itinerary a visit of Lapp villages for Christmas, so in the fullness will experience the magical atmosphere, a ride on a reindeer sleigh, soak in the Finnish sauna and  dip in the refreshing bath in the icy lake. And in the end all pleasures, on Christmas Eve, you can enjoy a traditional Finnish dish, porkaanalattico, which is a ham with cloves dried for 36 hours in a home oven.

Enjoy a magnificent trip to Finland and experience the magical charm of Christmas in the homeland of Santa Claus on the edge of the Earth!

Happy sparkle and joy that can be seen in the eyes of children when visiting Rovaniemi, not comparable with the millions of gifts. Rovaniemi, disposed in Finnish Lapland, or rather, lies at the Arctic Circle, is considered to be the residence of Santa Claus. This is truly a magical place where the kind grandfather stops time for Christmas night to distribute the gifts worldwide. No matter how many stories you have heard about this place, there is nothing to compare with that impression when you see it with your own eyes.
Here you can see the good-natured team of Elves, who in real time receive and read e-mails from the children around the world.
Rovaniemi is a modern and city, with sparkling purity and comfort. With the presence of local harsh winter climate, it is important to have the appropriate equipment, good gloves and a warm hat.
Within an hour of drive away, where you can comfortably reach by car rental from Naniko, disposed the Park of Ranua, that really deserves a particular attention. Here you can see the northern animals in their natural habitat, living in large spaces rather than in cages. In the park, in the bosom of the wildlife you can stay in a beautiful and modern cottages and spend incomparable holidays.

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