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Falkland Islands or a journey to the Kingdom of Penguins

The general characteristics of the Falkland Islands located in the South Atlantic are twelve thousand square kilometers of territory and a population of 3,000 people. Particularly famous islands were in 1982, in connection with the colonial war that Argentina and Great Britain unleashed, the first of which insisted on the restoration of the ancient name of the islands of Malvina and defended its geographical right to own them, whereas, distant at 15000 miles England, that  owned the Falkland Islands1from 765, sought to maintain its influence. This awkward war as a result cost thousands of lives and significant losses on both sides.

In reality, the islands were discovered in 1592 by a researcher of Greenland John Davis and named Falklands in 1690 in honor of the Royal Navy’s treasury. Then, passing under the control of the French from Saint-Malo, were called the Malouines. The newly arrived Spaniards transferred the Malouines to their own language and gave the name to the islands – Malviny. In 1816, Argentina, becoming independent, declared its geographically legitimate right to own the islands. Britain resumed its control here in 1833, and in 1914 the islands became the site of a battle theater, in which the German team of von Spee was defeated by the British Royal Navy.

The islands became an important place during the great whaling, when, in particular, the capital Stanley was a material and technical base. Tens of millions of penguins, albatrosses and wild ducks, seals, sea lions, thousands of sheep, horses and cows live in the Falkland Islands. This is a true oasis of wildlife!
To date, the main sources of income are fishing and agriculture, although it is believed that there are also rich oil deposits, which are still under study.

Visit a true natural paradise and an oasis of wildlife while traveling to the Falkland Islands!

Predominantly the population is concentrated on eastern Falkland which is the largest one of all islands. Here is the highest point, Mount Asborn, counting 705 meters in height. Starting the journey from the capital Stanley, this island can be explored on a one-day trip. Most of the attractions are concentrated in close proximity to each other and directly from the hotel, where you will stay, you can join an organized excursion on the ship.

The capital of Stanley or, as it is called, Port Stanley, is worth exploring more carefully. Magnificent views of the city open from a height. The most visited landmark of the capital of the Falkland Islands is the Church of Christ, and you should not overlook the Whalebone Arch, which is a double arched structure created from the bones of two blue whales.
In West Falkland you can find interesting natural landscapes. The highest point here is Mount Adam.

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