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The Republic of Panama – a crossroads of cultures and history at the junction of two continents

Panama, disposed on the isthmus between the two continents, covers an area of ​​78,200 square kilometers. The main language of the country is Spanish, although a certain minority also speaks the Kuna language and 14 other languages.
Panama, being a country of Central America, is still not such a popular destination for mass tourism, despite the fact that it offers a unique in its kind natural beauty of landscapes, among which one cannot fail to note the Kuna Yala islands in the San Blas archipelago. In Panama territory there are 11 national parks and about two dozen protected areas, and about 45% of the territory is covered with forest.
Through the country, as the spine, lies the mountain chain from north to south, and its borders are washed by the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Being a bridge between two American continents and a crossroads of many cultures, Panama offers an incredible variety of wildlife and plants, also a wealth of culture and history.
A country generously endowed with nature is a true paradise for lovers of water sports and not only. Here you can play tennis or even golf, which are especially popular in this country, make a trek with the ascent to the volcano Baru, in the province of Chiriqui or trips to Darien. Travelers can enjoy the view of lakes, waterfalls and unique flora and fauna. The most exciting dive sites are undoubtedly the San Bla archipelago and Coiba Island.

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The capital of the Republic is the city of Panama, placed on the Pacific coast, right at the entrance to the Panama Canal. It was founded in 1519 by Pedro Arias de Avila. For many years it remained the starting point for research and conquest of Peru, as well as a transit point for the transport of silver to Spain. A well-known fact is that in 1671 the famous pirate Henry Morgan and his group attacked and plundered the city, and then set fire to it. The ruins of the old town are a popular tourist destination and are known as Panama la Vieja.

The climatic conditions of Panama can be described as a tropical savannah, with a clearly marked season of rains and a dry season, each of which lasts about six months.
Among the main attractions is the Panama Canal, which is an artificial hydraulic structure that crosses the Isthmus of Panama in Central America. Its length is 81.1 kilometers, taking into account the expansion in the sea, and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
The oldest area of ​​the city is considered to be Casco Viejo, from where you can see the gulf of Panama in all its glory.

Following from Panama City, just 40 minutes by plane, you can visit the beautiful city of Bocas del Toro, surrounded by many islands.
Here you can get a real pleasure on the beautiful white beaches and among the coral reefs.

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