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France – the country of romantic landscapes and rich history

France is a country that deserves a lot of praise epithets, the country of wonderfully exciting and mysterious history, culture and ancient traditions. The landscape of the country is formed by two mountain and lowland regions, where each area has its own distinctive colors, flavors and local cuisine. A trip to France, can be planned on car rented from Naniko, which will provide an excellent opportunity to fun and entertaining vacation, when you can stop along the way in the most vending places to taste typical dishes and feel the charm of complete freedom.

An essential and indispensable item that listed in any tourist itinerary is an incomparable capital of France, Paris, after which may follow such a route points as Marseille and Bordeaux.
Paris, full of charm, romanticism and cultural attractions annually receives millions of visitors from around the world who want even once in life to see it with own eyes. Meanwhile, Marseille which is the largest trade port of the Mediterranean basin, offers the best traditions and gastronomy, formed under the influence of the majority ethnic group, mixed here and many sites of artistic interest. Bordeaux renowned for its wines, vineyards and fields, in its turn will surprise you with a variety of spectacular landscapes and will provide an opportunity to try selected wines in the place of birth.

Burgundy, Normandy, Champagne or Provence, each will present you with their unique characteristics during a trip to France!

Other well-known French cities are Cannes, Lyon and Lille, where you can soak in the luxurious hotels and visit the places that affect the boldest idea of the cost of the holiday here. And yet, this is one of the most favored regions of France, endowed with pristine landscapes of fairy land, houses with red roofs and golden stones, endless fields of sunflowers, that make people to dream and inspired in the creation of masterpieces the artists of all time.

Nature lovers will find a great place to relax in Brittany in the Mont Saint-Michel, situated on a rocky island, where you can observe  the spectacular sight of the tides.

Among the interesting places in France, less familiar to mass tourism, one can note Saint-Paul-de-Vence, offering its picturesque streets, steep staircases, magnificent squares and fountains. This romantic medieval village, built on a rock, in order to avoid the invasion of the Saracens, is a true gem in the vicinity of Nice, in southern France. It is full of art galleries and craft shops, museums, where you can admire masterpieces by Chagall, Matisse and Miro.

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