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French Guiana – travel among Kourou, Cayenne and Îles du Salut

Placed in the South American region, French Guyana or Guiana is a French overseas department with a populace of approximately 200,000 people. Washed from the north by the Atlantic Ocean, the country borders on Suriname and Brazil.

Initially, these territories were inhabited by Indian tribes, but later in the seventeenth century it was colonized by the French, who developed a flourishing agricultural activity, in particular, the cultivation of sugar cane and tobacco, while exploiting the slave labor of the natives. Between 1852 and 1951 French Guyana began to be used as a colony on the Devil’s Islands, where criminals of all kinds were sent.

The metropolis of the country is Cayenne with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants, overlooking the Atlantic coast, located near the mouth of the same named river. This place as a settlement is more remembered because of the above mentioned colony, which created the French government on a nearby island, but, in fact, do not underestimate all the charm of a city that is a little exotic and a little French. Going to the hill where Forte Ceperou is disposed, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama and views of the city, and descending from there you will get to the Place de Palmistes, which is the central square and vital artery of the Cayenne.

Here you can visit many shops and buy various souvenirs, ranging from handmade items to designer clothes. In the center of the square stands a statue of one of the governors, and is a kind of meeting place for most young people. Definitely worth a visit is the structure of the ancient prefecture, disposed inside the once existing monastery Jesuit school and built in 1749.

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To date, Cayenne and other cities in the country are a kind of mixture of cultures. Here the spirit of the holiday is everywhere, especially during the carnival season, when festivals with dances in traditional costumes are held. During this period each community presents its special craftsmanship: weaving and pottery, carved wood products – Art Temba, embroidery practiced by Hmong. It is interesting to note that the art of Temba is full of messages and symbols. Gold-rich Guyana is a true paradise for those who love jewelry.

This country is also rich in natural attractions, most of the territory is covered by tropical forests, half of which is in protected areas. A huge legacy is the Amazonian parks of Guyana, covering an area of 3.4 million hectares. The regional natural park of Guyana, occupying an area of 6,998 square kilometers along the ocean, is an ideal place to explore the flora of the region.

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