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Honduras – a journey among dolphins and iguanas on the islands of the country

Speaking about the coast of the Caribbean Sea, images of paradise beaches with coconut palms and white sand invariably appear in the mind. But considering the trip to Honduras, you can cover much more than the coast, moving into the interior you can discover the tropical jungle, with spectacular waterfalls, such as Pulhapanzak.
Honduras, disposed in Central America, perhaps, can be attributed to the less well-known tourist routes, the reason of which were  the instability and uncertainty of the political situation.

But, precisely because of this situation, the country hides magnificent parts of almost untouched nature, beautiful landscapes and the sea, which takes all the shades of blue. This is a true paradise for those travelers who like to choose alternative routes. The territory of Honduras, in essence, can be divided into two main zones: the southern part, which is characterized by poor vegetation, and the other one, the coast of the Caribbean Sea, with dense tropical vegetation, which is more crowded with tourists.

It is impossible to overlook the fact that Honduras is famous for its grandiose Mayan ruins, and in particular for the presence of small corners of true paradise that are hidden among the islands of the Caribbean Sea. No less interesting is the countryside, full of colorful traditions and folklore.
Do not miss the chance to visit the Mayan ruins of Copan, which are placed a few kilometers from the border of Guatemala. This village of Copan is distinguished by a special silence and tranquility, which is disturbed only by tourists walking along the cobblestone streets. Here you can see the important places of the Maya, observe the staircase of hieroglyphs, storing rare written testimonies about the culture of this ancient people. Equally interesting is the Acropolis, where on its magnificent relief depicts the sixteen kings of Copan.

Feel the whole grandeur of the combination of nature and culture in the city of Trujillo, traveling in Honduras!

Located on a large arc of the eponymous bay, this city is famous for its beautiful beaches with coconut palms and a gentle sea current. It is interesting to visit Trujillo during the festival of the city, at the end of June.
Honduras also owns magnificent islands, disposed several dozen kilometers from the coast, the most famous of which are Roatan, Guanaja and Util.
Roatan, about 70 km long, and only three kilometers wide, is a strip of land buried in lush vegetation among the crystal clear sea. Initially, the island was inhabited by indigenous peoples, who were subsequently expelled by the Spaniards. This island is also famous for being considered a haven of legendary pirates such as Henry Morgan, whose mythical treasure was never found.
The center of Roatan is Coxen Hole, where you can buy various souvenirs and goods, such as hammocks, textiles, jewelry, rum, vanilla essence and coffee.

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