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Ireland – a country of breathtaking landscapes and the thousand-years of history

Visiting Ireland promises unparalleled experience of its magnificent sights, incomparable landscapes, historic and modern monuments, archaeological and mythological places and up to the visit of famous breweries and places for whiskey production. The island is divided between the Republic, also known as Eire and is a sovereign state from 1943, and the North, which is controlled by the United Kingdom. Accordingly, the country consists of 32 counties, each of which has its own cultural characteristics, many of which have undergone significant changes over time. The population of the state reaches about five million, and the vast majority of Irish are of Celtic ethnic origin, although there are also Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian minority.
This country of thousands of years of history, land of myth and legend is really an attractive place to visit.
In your visit to Ireland, you can distinguish three main cities, as Dublin, Belfast and Derry, which comfortably can be visited in the presence of car rent by Naniko, which can be booked in advance.

Take a fascinating journey to Ireland and explore the country of myths and legendary whiskey!

Dublin offers its visitors a variety of interesting attractions that you can see walking around its center. For lovers of literature desirable destination would be the famous library of Trinity College, which houses the most important collection of ancient manuscripts, among which there is also the famous Book of Kells, which is illustrated manuscript, created by Irish monks around the 800.
The sample of the incredible architectural beauty is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, built near the draw-well, where according to legend St. Patrick baptized pagans in 450.
In Dublin there is an opportunity to visit a lot of vintage stores, and Temple Bar district, have fun at the various pubs and clubs offering live music at Grafton Street.
And, of course, the inevitable is to visit the Guinness factory, where the famous beer’s fans will be able to learn a lot of interesting secrets of its production.

Meanwhile, Belfast impresses its visitors with its irresistible vitality and in some cases even chaos. In the shipyards of Harland and Wolff you can visit an interesting interactive museum, opened in 2012 and dedicated to the tragic story of the Titanic.
Derry is a city where you can deeply understand the sharp conflicts that plagued the island for decades. This is one of the few medieval cities in the world where the original wall is still a symbol of the deep division between the Catholics, who are fighting for independence from the United Kingdom, and Protestants, demonstrating loyalty to the British crown.

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