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Italy – a country of multi-colored kaleidoscope in the Mediterranean

A few countries in the world can suggest so much to its visitors as Italy. Whatever would be your intentions, you will find everything from classic beach holiday and to cultural trip to one of the many historic cities of Italy, take interesting trips to the mountains or travel in the world of fashion and entertainment. In short, here you will find everything that just can be imagined, the perfect combination of culture, history, sun and cuisine.

Italy composed of 95 provinces and 20 regions, each of which has its own features that deserve attention, has exciting cultural activities and unique attractions that distinguish them from each other and at the same time are combined into a single entity called Italy. Therefore it is not surprising if you have already visited the country and explored the part of peninsula, you will once again be fascinated and surprised by new regions in your next trip to Italy.

Meanwhile, one of the great ways to know the diversity of the country in complete freedom, is the possibility of rent a car by Naniko, and easily organize your vacation and plan any event.

Visit the land of thousand wonders and enjoy the natural richness and incomparable monuments in your trip to Italy!

In fact, the incomparable beauty of Italy is known all over the world, even for those who have never been here. Whatever your choice, whether the most famous routes in Rome, Venice and Florence, a vacation in the Italian Alps, or soaking up the sun on the coast of the Italian island of Sicily or Sardinia, any direction promises you countless attractions and an incomparable with anything fun .

But it is necessary to note that in addition to the most favorite and famous routes in the country there are many places to visit, villages and places of entertainment, not less interesting and exciting than the famous ones, about a couple of which we describe below.

Old Bussana is a charming village of artists that was revived in the ruins of the deserted medieval village. The Bussana Vecchia, as it is called in Italian, once was inhabited by artists coming from all over the world, and to this day it is a magical place, the art workshop in the open air is. Taking a walk through the narrow streets and alleys of the village, you can visit the shops and studios, located in the old stone houses.

Sammezzano Castle is a magnificent Moorish castle in Reggello, in the province of Florence, which was built in 1605 by the family of Ximenes d’Aragona, and is surrounded by picturesque gardens, where you can see many unique species of plants.

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